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In Monday's What We Learned, Ryan Lambert ripped apart a column by John Steigerwald, columnist for Washington (Pa.) Observer-Reporter that attempted to link Alex Ovechkin(notes) of the Washington Capitals to steroids. Among the lapses in fact: Steigerwald connected Ovechkin to a doctor that "treated Tiger Woods" that actually has no connection to Ovechkin.

Listen to the Ryan Lambert vs. John Steigerwald radio battle from Greg Wyshynski on Vimeo.

On Tuesday, Lambert went on Steigerwald's radio show in Trib Live Radio to answer for his criticisms. The resulting 28-minute train-wreck of awesome included:

• Lambert giving Steigerwald enough rhetorical rope to hang himself a dozen times.

• Steigerwald taking Lambert to task for calling his brother, Pittsburgh Penguins homer announcer Paul Steigerwald, a homer announcer.

• Steigerwald insinuating that Ovechkin's mother used steroids in the 1970s because she's Russian.

• Lambert asking Steigerwald to disprove the accusation that Sidney Crosby(notes) is, in fact, a vampire.

Give it a listen. It'll change your life.

Big thanks to Trib Live Radio for the audio and for being a good sport.

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