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Twenty-one years ago today, Sidney Crosby dove tumbled out of Mama Crosby's womb. It was a painful birth, what with Sid being born with a stick in his hand and all. But the world is better for it.

Sidney Crosby's momentous occasion -- at least here in the States, where you can die in a foreign war before you can legally purchase a Zima -- is being recognized by Pittsburgh Penguins fans and by the Penguins themselves on the team's official site.

Steel City Sports Fan has given itself completely to Crosby's B-day, while PSMP tells the haters to bugger off. Empty Netters shows what kind of company Crosby's in when it comes to points-per-game before turning 21.

They way we see it, the combination of Sidney Crosby's 21st birthday and a perpetually thirsty town like the Steel City would naturally lend itself to some extra special revelry at Pittsburgh watering holes. So I called up Crystal Restaurant and Lounge (1211 Penn Ave. in the Strip District; 412-434-0480), a Pens-friendly establishment, and spoke with owner Crystal Joseph about any Crosby-related specials today:

So are you doing anything special, drinks-wise, for this momentous day?

Ah, Sidney Crosby's 21st birthday? Today? Oh my goodness. Maybe we should have $21 draughts! (Laughs)

You know, he said in an interview the other day that his favorite adult beverages are Jack Daniels and Crown Royal. We still don't know if he meant "together," which would be pretty bad-ass.

Yeah. You know, let's do something special in memory of. How about 21-cent Jack Daniels shots? I'd go that far. I'm a Pittsburgher through and through, baby.

I told her we'd be posting this, and tried to give her an out on the 21-cent Jack shots, but Crystal insisted: "Oh, I'll follow through. I'm a woman of my word."

She also said her restaurant will be on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" on Aug. 25; the Food Network program where Guy Fieri pretends to enjoy jalapeno fried hot dog goulash, and chefs pretend to find him charming.

The Confluence of the Three Rivers wonders if the "Sid the Kid" nickname will stick now that he's turned the big "2-1." Absolutely: As long as 39-year-old Danny Wood is still a New Kid on the Block, Sid will still be The Kid. That's the rule.

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