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As some of you may recall, Puck Daddy was born during the Stanley Cup playoffs, so this coming season will be our first chance to use this blog as a coping mechanism for our paralyzing addiction to fantasy hockey.

We'll no doubt work closely with our pals at Roto Arcade on rankings and strategies and all the usual goodies. But we also wanted to ask the Puck Daddy loyalists: How would you like to see us cover fantasy hockey?

Pop some ideas and/or requests into the comments, and we'll all noodle it through. Because puckheads need fantasy options that go beyond someone who ranks Jose Theodore ahead of Evgeni Malkin or encourages the drafting of rookies. (That sound you just heard was hundreds of Gilbert Brule and Bobby Ryan owners cryin' in their beers.)

But here's one fantasy hockey request we'd like to make now: We're looking for a writer who will be managing his or her fantasy hockey team in a Yahoo! league throughout the 2008-09 season. Someone who can capture the pain and self-loathing that goes along with the daily grind of fantasy sports, and (of course) make with the funny. Interested parties, hit us via e-mail. Thanks, again, for reading.

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