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Actress Kristen Bell has this exceptional ability to stir every geek passion imaginable. Sci-Fi geeks loved her for "Veronica Mars," her stint on "Heroes" and for donning the gold bikini of Princess Leia in the unreleased "Star Wars"-inspired flick "Fanboys." (Although we much prefer her as a blonde.) Comedy geeks welcomed her into the cult of Apatow with her starring turn in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." And, of course, puckheads love Bell for her passionate support of the Detroit Red Wings, admitting that she actually cried when they were eliminated by the Anaheim Ducks last season.  

That passion took on new dimensions in an interview with NHL.com this week, as Bell was asked which hockey player she'd like to meet and why:

Chris Osgood was my first crush. Brad Pitt be damned, he had nothing on Osgood's rookie skill and sad eyes. There was actually a day in high school when I wrote on a name tag 'Mrs. Osgood' and wore it the whole day. I really thought we were perfect for each other. I'd love to meet him and probably apologize that things never worked out.

Yowzer. And if Bell had the Stanley Cup for just one day?

I would start by eating an entire box of Fruity Pebbles out of it. Then I'd take an afternoon sponge bath in it. Then I'd retro fit it with handles and make it into a Stanley Cup handbag.

Kristen Bell ... Fruity Pebbles ... sponge bath ... hockey is the greatest sports in the history of mankind.

Thanks to the dozen or so readers who sent over this link from People magazine that detailed the NHL.com interview. And no, we're not going to address the part of the interview where Bell said her parents submitted a picture of her "in my catholic school uniform, with my arms around the Stanley Cup" back in 1996. Because we don't want Chris Hansen of "Dateline" showing up at Puck Daddy HQ.

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