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Mark Lyons is a Los Angeles Kings fan that has decided divine intervention is necessary to ensure the Kings of their first Stanley Cup in franchise history. Here's Mark, via email:

The Kings are off to a great start and I want the rest of the Kings fans to rest assured this success will carry all season long. 

Last week, while in Kyoto, Japan, I went to a Shinto Shrine to submit my prayer request. You write down on a piece of wood what you want to happen, desire, or need.  

Well, the pictures speak for themselves. Just covering all bases here. I didn't see any other NHL teams on any of the other request so we might have one up on them. 

Is divine intervention cheating?

No, it's not; and certainly not now that Hockey Jobu has made his presence known to Columbus Blue Jackets fans. Although, we are mere mortals, and thus can't fully comprehend the impact of divine intervention on hockey. Which is to say that we're not sure if the priest and the nun heard God correctly when He picked the Philadelphia Flyers over the Chicago Blackhawks last postseason.

We emailed Mark to ask him if there are signs the Kings are indeed the Chosen Ones this season:

The Kovalchuk fiasco was probably the first sign Dean's hand had some guidance, how could it have messed up so perfectly. I was blind, but now I see (a cup that is). Seriously though, Deano built a solid team the right way with the right kind of players (like NJ used to be known for) and I give him a lot of credit.  An 8-3 start and Doughty has one point, Kopitar's line has yet to establish themselves. I see the Kings becoming much better.  

For the sake of NHL revenues, we encourage you to continue spending money on tickets and watching games on television, even if we're all biding our time until the Kings hoist the Holy Grail next June.

Unless, of course, this is a prayer left unanswered, like they are for 28 other teams every season. (Fans whose team won the Cup and those who successfully prayed for the first overall pick being the exception.)

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