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When pop star (and, like it or not, celebrity puckhead) Justin Bieber uses his Twitter powers for evil, he allegedly can cause thousands of dollars in damage through unwanted text messages.

When J-Bieber uses his Twitter powers for good ... well, just ask Kevin Weekes(notes).

The former NHL journeyman goalie-turned-hockey commentator on CBC and NHL Network was scheduled to fly to Barbados via an airport in Toronto when his flight was delayed on Tuesday. So he retired to the airport lounge where he found the ubiquitous Mr. Bieber. From Weekes on Twitter:

Flight delayed to Barbados but chilling with @justinbieber-love this young guy-very funny and mature !!

Ah, but this tale of the young and famous doesn't end with airport lounge pleasantries and an awkward photograph. Seems Biebs was impressed with Weekes as well, and alerted his Twitter followers to that fact.

His 4,564,110 Twitter followers.

Yo chillin with @kevinweekes NHL goalie.. Hes tight! follow him.

With that, the only person in the world Kanye West follows on Twitter turned on his massive 'tween fan following to something that seven NHL franchises learned during his 11-year career: The tightness of Kevin Weekes.

Before that fateful meeting in the airport lounge, Kevin Weekes had just over 8,000 followers on Twitter (@KevinWeekes). In the five hours following his brush with Bieber, that number jumped to 13,200 and rising as of 4:30 p.m. ET. That's over 1,000 new followers an hour. That's sick.

Justin Bieber: The man who can turn ex-goalies-turned-broadcasters into instant celebrities. In a related story, Darren Pang was seen going from lounge to lounge in a St. Louis airport looking for Hanson ...

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