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Previously on Puck Daddy, we've chronicled the odd collection of Vancouver Canucks fan anthems that ranged from rap to polka. But none of them come close to the songcraft, choreography, editing and harmonization in Daft Tonks' Boston Bruins cover of Ke$ha's "We R Who We R" called "Lord Stanley is Ours!" Get ready to watch this ... and then watch it again ... and again ... and ...

Sample prose from the YouTube lyric sheet:

Bruins for the win,
It's about damn time to clench the cup
I'm so sick of hearing Luongos' name,
I think its time to end his game.

I'm just talking truth
The Canucks are so overrated
Kessler, Luongo, and the Sedins'
Will be crying without the cup, HARD!

Oh, they're not the only ones crying. This made us want to brush our teeth with a bottle of Jack, and then smash it over our face.

We admire the effort here from our young friends, especially in meeting Teddy Purcell's(notes) appearance fee. Also, the budget on location shoots must have been enormous, considering the time it takes to find the right vinyl siding to serve as the backdrop for the dance scenes.

(It's here we say, honestly, that the enthusiasm from these fans is awesome and that had YouTube been around in our younger days … well, we would have likely been filming GI Joe battles and our own play-by-play during NHL '94, but still …)

This would be the most ridiculous Bruins-related item of the day were it not for the fact that the Boston Herald is running a "Vote for the Sexiest Bruin" poll (via reader Terence Mahan) ... that includes Zdeno Chara(notes). That's like nominating the quiet kid in the back of the class who smells of liverwurst for class president.

s/t to reader Iggy, who writes "this video is possibly the best thing to ever come from a Bruins fan." We disagree.

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