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The Jonathan Toews Mural, seen from the Eisenhower Expressway in Chicago, earned instant hockey infamy with its depiction of the Chicago Blackhawks captain next to the Stanley Cup -- considered a jinx for a team that hasn't been in the Finals since 1992 -- along with what can only be described as a "pig nose."

Even before having seen it, Toews lamented its existence, telling the Chicago Tribune that "they're not helping me by any means."

Last night, we heard from a source in Chicago that the mural was being whitewashed. The Chicago Blackhawks confirmed to us this afternoon that, in fact, the mural's going to be lost in art history (but its memory kept alive by puckheads, no doubt).

"It's all white now," said Adam Rogowin, coordinator of media relations for the Blackhawks, who said a new mural is going up soon. "They were going to keep the mural topical. With the playoffs starting and us winning the division, they're going to put up a 'good luck in the playoffs' message. They wanted to leave [the Toews mural] up for two weeks and then move to the next one."

So the murals were going to rotate through the postseason. And the one everyone hated just happened to be the first in that rotation. OK then.

Rogowin continued: "I don't know if you've ever driven down the Eisenhower 290 in Chicago, but there are a lot of digital ads they're competing with. That's why they want to move it around, keep it fresh."

He said the building is Anheuser-Busch's, and it's their mural. He also said the photo that launched a thousand pig nose jokes "wasn't a finished one."

If you're in Chicago and want to hit us with a photo of the whitewashing, send it to puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com. We'll update when and if we receive one; and hopefully, the new work of art is just as good as the last one, featuring Patrick Kane(notes) with giraffe antlers or Adam Burish(notes) with a platypus bill.

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