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Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition. If you spot what you think may be a foul in your arena, email a photo to us at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com for inclusion in future installments.

This image of a Buffalo Sabres third jersey was submitted by reader Nicolas Larratta in December. The timing is everything because it predates the Terry Pegula takeover of the franchise, after which the Sabres fan base oozed slightly more enthusiastic optimism than an Obama speech simulcast on the Disney Channel.

Which is to say, we'd love to know if this fan continued to wear this jersey now that the Sabres reside in Pegulaville. The email is puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com.

Meanwhile, here's the first of a few New York Rangers-related Fouls in today's collection: From reader Andrew Johnson, a tribute to MSG announcer John Davidson, now the President of the St. Louis Blues.

The Homer Announcer Foul is one we're frankly surprised hasn't been witnessed more often, given the proclivity for icons like Mike Lange and Rick Jeanneret to produce instant classic lines, and the next generation of mic men like Jack Edwards dropping phrases like "Turtle Time."

Granted, it's difficult to put into words the sound Chico Resch makes when he's eating a sausage sandwich during a Devils power play ...

(Coming Up: Lindros Trade Foul; a horrific Ovechkin FrankenJersey; the NFL and MLB invade D.C. and Minneapolis; Wade Redden(notes) Fouls; a Gretzky Sharks jersey and a San Jose nickname fail; and introducing Jersey Foul Bingo.)

And here ... we ... go.

Here are two Wade Redden Fouls of a very different kind and, quite frankly, just the kind of debatable Fouls we love to bring you.

Here's reader Dave, who submitted the image:

"This is a picture from the Whale Bowl which shows a Wolfpack Redden Jersey with his salary as his number. I don't know if it's a pass because on the one hand it is clever showing the fact he probably is making more than every other on the ices salary combined x 3. On the other hand it is just fastened on it looks like safety pins and looks like it was printed out from a computer. Maybe a $ sign would have helped it pass. The other jersey is probably from the guys closet from when the islanders drafted Redden. It's Fishermen era too so that matches up. Redden just never played a game for the Islanders though so is it still a pass?"

We'll get to the second question in a moment. First, we must give the sweater on the left a PASS due to the Protest Jersey Exception, as ridiculing a terrible signing, and especially one buried in the minors, fits the provisions.

As for the jersey on the right, reader Chris in New York adds to the discussion, spotting the Redden jersey again at a recent Washington Capitals vs. New York Islanders game:

Now we know Wade Redden was drafted by the Islanders and never played for them. I remember for some reason that he played preseason games for them at some point but was traded before he could play a regular season game. I have no idea what number he wore in those preseason games.

So what do we think? Pass because he played in the preseason? Fail because never played in the regular season? Is it game-worn? Is it a snide mockery of the Islanders because he's another one that got away? (On a Gorton's jersey, no less.)

Pass or Fail?

Photo taken moments before Bobby Hull waddled up the stairs, slugged him and asked him, "What's my name, fool?" (Via 'bytor9')

When we were first sent an Alex Ovechkin(notes) Redskins jersey, we thought it was a little punk rock to put an NHL player on another sport's jersey. But we also wrote back in 2009:

Does a hockey player have any right to be featured on another sport's jersey? Or vice versa? Put it this way: Would you measure the amount of bile produced by the sight of an "Owens 81" Buffalo Sabres jersey in liters or gallons?

And yet here we are, as Paul Macuch sends in this John Riggins Washington Capitals jersey and Alex Chapman submits this celebration of Jim Thome's one season with the Minnesota Twins with a Minnesota Wild jersey.

Well, guess it beats a Clutterbuck Timberwolves jersey ...

This one's sort of sad.

From the Attorney General of Section 417 comes this image of a Capitals jersey missing a 'ton'. The sad part? The person wearing it had no idea the name was messed up until those snapping the photo pointed it out.

Back to the pro shop!

No, seriously, you should see his Ovechie FrankenJersey.

Wow. From Steph:

I told my 9 year old son and friend we needed to be on the lookout for Jersey Fouls. He spotted this while standing in line for a drink at Scottrade during the Blues vs. Capitals game.

Don't get me wrong we love our Blues and Caps...but this is just wrong on so many levels!! Dude behind him is like WTF!? My son told me later that this Oshkin fan was acting like a weirdo in the men's room.

Well that doesn't seem like behavior befitting of an Oshkin fan ...

This is from the Godfather of Fouls, Empty Netters' Seth Rorabaugh. We're always somewhat torn on Gretzky Fouls because (a) the NHL mandated his number be retired by all the teams, so it's technically part of their history and (b) for a San Jose Sharks fan, Gretzky played a fairly important role in the growth of California hockey, no?

Nickname Fail from Tom Berkin:

Spotted this clear foul at Sharks vs. Zetterberg in November. Devon Setoguchi nickname jersey ... well, it IS a change from all the "Nabby" nickname jerseys at the tank, I guess ...

True. But he's "Seto" at best, "Gooch" at worst. He's not a designer handbag. Even when he's slumping.

From Scotty Hockey comes this Pittsburgh Penguins Foul, and we have no idea what makes someone forgo Rupp for "GO GO GO MIKE RUPP GO SKATE FAST GO GO GO ... No. 17."

Especially when the whole thing looks like a Gomi Kerupp Jersey, who as you all know is the second-leading scorer in the Pakistani Super League.

Must be a Colorado Avalanche fan. Via KLowthert.

And finally ...

We are totally pissed we didn't think of it first honored that Pass It To Bulis has taken Jersey Foul spotting to the next level with Jersey Fouls Bingo. Click here for a larger image to download and print out, and PITB for all the details. Nice work.

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