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Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition. If you spot what you think may be a foul in your arena, email a photo to us at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com for inclusion in future installment.

Shhhh ... don't tell Sidney.

From Eddie Bonelli, who snapped this image during the Pittsburgh Penguins' visit to the Phoenix Coyotes this season:

Hey, I'm perfectly sure this qualifies as a foul. Some guy at a Pens/Coyotes game wearing a jersey saying his name, which looks like a troublesome name for his kid to spell, followed by ‘I am Mario Lemieux's Love Child.' 90% of the fans at a Coyotes home game were cheering for the Pens and wearing their sweaters but this one stood out like a fat stripper in a casino.

While we appreciate the analogy, we have to correct Eddie: Unless Wayward Yinzer is, in fact, on this gentleman's birth certificate, we're pretty sure it means his a Pittsburgher ("Yinzer") exiled in the desert.

We're also fairly certain he's not Mario Lemieux's love child, although we're willing to wait until the Maury Povich-style blood test to confirm. ("Mario ... ... ... you are ... ... ... NOT the father.")

(Coming Up: Star Wars FAIL; strange Detroit Red Wings/Los Angeles Kings Foul; Chicago Blackhawks No. 10 sweater that's up for debate; the Islanders get their greens; Brooks Laich(notes) Jersey Fouls; Recchi FrankenJersey; and a tribute to the addictive beer of the Saddledome.)

And here ... we  ... go.

Not sure about this one, from Puck Buddy Kasia:

I was at the Oct 1 preseason game between the Hawks and the Penguins. It was my first game back since the Cup win, so there were bound to be some transition pains as the newbies crowd the arena (one guy sitting next to me came back after the first period intermission and noticed that "hey, the players switch sides.")

The real tragedy of this jersey foul is that the guy is clearly a long-time fan, one who was around for the days of Tony Amonte. He should know better.

Our question: Tribute jersey ... PASS? Or FAIL in general?

While the effort to repurpose a Dion Phaneuf(notes) Calgary Flames jersey is commendable, this Foul is a combination of a misguided Protest Jersey and a Remedial English Fail. From Lisa McRitchie of The Copper & Blue:

It's not just because I'm an Oiler fan that I am submitting this, but it is a very big part of it. Does this guy really not know what an apostrophe is for? "Oiler is sucks?" Really?

Ah, but how do you know he isn't simply indicating that the "Suck" belongs to the Oilers, huh?

From Darryl K. comes an instant classic Calgary Flames Foul:

Here is a pic from a game at the Saddledome this season.  The draft at the saddle dome has been referred to as Heroin Beer for as long as I can remember so I guess this guy is paying tribute with a $300 jersey.  I've personally had many of these "heroin beers" and I've yet to notice this beer is anything other than terrible Molson Canadian draft.

Until the walls start melting, that is.

The Oct. 30 game between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Phoenix Coyotes was "costume" night at the rink, and Magni Nominus Umbra spotted this great disturbance in the Force:

Who knew Imperial troops were Coyote fans?

A lot of people didn't get the reasoning behind the number 77 (1977 was when Star Wars premiered). I don't consider this is a foul, but worth mentioning.

FYI ... this guy won the costume contest for the adult costumes at the game.

Ah, you say it's not a Foul, and we are meant to think it isn't. But these tracks are side-by-side; non-Foulers always ride single file to hide their numbers ...

Isn't this guy a little short to be a Stormtrooper?

Puck Buddy Alexis Boucher passes along one of the oddest FrankenJerseys we've seen:

Just wanted to send in a couple blurry photos I took this evening. I attended the Tampa Bay Lightning's "Hockey 'n' Heels" event, which was really a lot of fun. They billed it as an event where women could come and learn about the game, but even as a well versed fan I learned a few things. It was a very unlikely place for a Frankenjersey to strike. This was a variation I hadn't seen before. The rare diagonal Mark Recchi(notes) Frankenjersey.

Pretty cool, actually. For whatever reason, this works as a fitting tribute to the Recchin' Ball.

"Bob8880" found what appears to be a Henrik Zetterberg(notes) Los Angeles Kings jersey as Staples Center. "I'm speechless."

Couldn't have said it better ourselves. Is this real? Is it a 'Shop? Nutty.

Two Chicago Blackhawks Fouls here. First, from Mel:

Saw this gem at the Blackhawks/Penguins preseason game at the United Center. I can't decide whether "Beavers" is the guy's nickname or the #3 is indicative on how many Beavers he's had.

No clue ... unless, of course, this was actually Igor Kravchuk's nickname and we all didn't realize it.

The other Foul, via Joel S., is another head-scratcher. How happy was Michel Goulet? Or Ed Olczyk? We're just going to go ahead and rule out Duane Sutter.

Stephanie D. caught this one outside of Verizon Center, the East Coast Epicenter of Jersey Fouls. That's Mike Green's(notes) number on the back and Brooks Laich's number on the sleeves. An obvious Foul, if only because she chose Mike Green as the complimentary player here instead of the obvious choice: Alex Semin.

We're not sure whether or not we've run this before, but we keep getting it in the inbox so it's time to address this one.

I saw this guy Saturday night at the Isles/Av's game with his #48 CEZARSALAD jersey. I have no clue how or why this could end up on the back of a  jersey. I cant' think of an Islander ever who wore #48. The Isles do have a promotion that if the team scores more than 3 goals at home everyone gets free chili at Wendy's the next day. Maybe this is a new promotion that if the Isles go 4 for 8 on the power play everyone gets free Caesar salads at Vincent's Clam Bar on Glen Cove Rd by the Coliseum.

Anything is possible ... like, for example, someone spending actual money on this mess. Or having that hair. Thanks to Scott G. for the clip.

And finally ...

You know, of all the places you wouldn't want a Wing Man ...

(Thanks to AdamBTP)

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