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Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition. If you spot what you think may be a foul in your arena, e-mail a photo to us at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com for inclusion in future installments.

Puck Buddy Peter W. sent over this inexcusable Boston Bruins Foul:

Saw this guy outside TD Garden after the Bruins-Oilers game on Halloween. It's certainly in the spirit of the "Broduer" jersey from the last installment, but there is one important thing that you can't see in the photo: IT'S SIGNED BY CAM NEELY!

My friend wondered if Cam autographed it correctly, or just went with the way the jersey had his name. Someone needs to have and intervention with this guy.

Well, an intervention or a slight reeducation courtesy of Sea Bass.

Let's assume this isn't an egregious misspelling but rather some cutesy play on words. ("Hey, my name is Neil and I love Cam Neely, so ...") Even then, it's still a Foul, because it opens the kind of Pandora's Box that eventually leads to the guy from the Black-Eyed Peas wearing a Ted Will.I.Ams Red Sox jersey.

Meanwhile in the capital of both the United States and hockey sweater fouls, 'Yoshietree' captured one of the most exceptional hockey fashion statements we've seen since the infamous Florida Panthers gown: It's the Alex Ovechkin(notes) sport jacket jersey.

Yoshietree rhetorically asked if this was a Foul, and answered: "I don't think so ... this takes 'class' to a new level."

We agree. In fact, we'd have a lot less angst towards the suits in the lower bowl if they were all wearing suits like these to their respective arenas. 

(Coming Up: Swine Flu Fouls; Mocking and/or honoring the Maple Leafs; the Devils remember Scott Gomez(notes); the Kings have Cup Fever; worshiping at the altar of Patrick Kane(notes); and a Bobby Orr Foul that might be a Hall of Fame candidate.)

And here ... we ... go.


There's actually been some debate around Puck Daddy HQ (thanks to Japers) as to whether an old Iowa Chops (R.I.P.) jersey with "H1" as the name and "N1" as the number would have been a Foul.

This is probably as close as we'll get, courtesy of Puck Buddy Steve Z., who snapped the image at a Rockford Icehogs (AHL affiliate of the Chicago Blackhawks) game.

Incidentally, No. 13 on the Hogs is defenseman David Phillips, and looking at the dude we think "Aiken" might be more appropriate on the nameplate.

The Vincent Lecavalier(notes) Montreal Canadiens jersey isn't anything too out of the ordinary, as merchants were selling them during the Trade Vinny fervor of last season. But Nerrissa B.'s breakdown of the Foul is an important one to remember, going forward:

A Montreal Canadiens Lecavalier jersey. Maybe he was hoping for the trade? Even so, Lecavalier wouldn't be able to wear the number 4 in a Habs jersey considering it's a retired number.

Is the "04" a weak attempt to get around the fact that Jean Beliveau is wearing future Habs captain Vincent Lecavalier's number?


Dear god, no.

Puck Buddy Mike Geiler explains:

I was watching Sharks at Islanders tonight on GameCenter Live, and this had me so fuming mad that I had to take a picture, even if its of my computer screen.  During the stoppage of play with about 4 minutes left in the 2nd period, the glass needed fixing.  The camera caught all of 2 seconds of what appeared to be maybe the saddest jersey foul I've ever seen or heard of. An Islanders No. 4 jersey with the name Orr. This is a disgrace to the best player to ever lace up skates. Even if the wearer is named Orr, no deal.  What if someone named Lemieux was a fan of the Kings and decided that he just had to have a personalized No. 66?  Uncool. Your thoughts?

We'll get back to you when we're finished questioning our faith in humanity.

Gregg M. decided to have some fun when the Toronto Maple Leafs made their rare appearance in Vancouver last month:

So.... being a good Canucks fan I decided to dress up as a "typical" Leafs fan for the game against the Canucks here in Vancouver on Saturday.

Ran into these guys (right) and thought they were doing the same thing (making fun of the Leafs) but they were ACTUAL LEAF FANS. They're smiling because they haven't yet realized I'm laughing AT them and not WITH them.

Indeed. He also said that some "Maple Leafs-loving losers" insisted on "trying to tell the Canucks fans leaving the building how great Doug Gilmour was" after the game.

No word if Canucks fans hit back by talking about how many Cups they've won since 1967. Or if they just hit back with a bottle.

Speaking of the Leafs, we can't quite figure out if this image from 'RunningLucky' is a Protest Jersey or a sweater mocking the Leafs or some weird combination of a Brian Burke fan and a self-loathing Leafs fan (we know: redundant).

He explains:

Check out this jersey foul I spotted at the Buffalo-Toronto game on Friday night. It felt good being one of the nearly 50 percent Leaf fans at HSBC until seeing this garbage. Hopefully it's not to tough to read, but it says "Burke 67" in duct tape.

So his call is that it mocked Toronto, which it probably did. Still, why wear a Leafs jersey to a Sabres home game in which Buffalo needs as many of its own sweaters in the crowd as it can muster?

Puck Buddy Kyle E's note attached to the following Los Angeles Kings Foul:

"This says cup fever."

For a franchise that's barely had Cup sniffles.

Puck Buddy 'jprock' caught this at a New Jersey Devils home game:

You raised the question "What do you do with a player's jersey once he is no longer with a team?". Here's one persons response that I viewed at a game at The Rock.

Maybe when Scott Gomez was on the Rangers after leaving the Devils, this Protest Jersey has some validity. Now, after the contract was a bust and he's with the Habs? Not so much.

This Blackhawks Foul is a little tough to see, so we turn the mic over to Jessie D.:

"It's a Blackhawks 88 white jersey, the name bar says 'Lord'. Even if his last name is Lord, everyone is going to think he's calling 20 Cents Jesus."

Good to see 'Hawks are still keeping things in perspective.

And finally ...

Puck Buddy Scott M. wonders: "Sharks fan 'jersey' response to everyone's opinion on their early playoff exits?"

Or, perhaps, the first glimpse of the best-selling Russian player jersey in the history of mankind ...

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