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Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition. If you spot what you think may be a foul in your arena, email a photo to us at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com for inclusion in future installment.

Oh, jeez, would you look at that: Via SnipeDangle comes a clear Jersey Foul on the right, with a gray Detroit Red Wings sweater featuring No. 30 and Mrs. Osgood. Some people just don't understand that ...

... what a second here. Something's weird about that Jarome Iginla(notes) jersey on the left.

Is that ... is there something written inside the stripes?


We're going to go ahead and guess that this sweater wasn't completed in the pro shop; unless we missed the option to have a creepy quasi-sexual come-on added to the bottom of the jersey.

What in the name of Hakan Loob is that about? And honestly, if you expect to get jiggy with the venerable captain of the Calgary Flames, the least you can do is spell his name correctly.

(Coming Up: An inexcusable Red Wings/Blackhawks Frankenjersey; Kings and Marlies misspellings; an Avalanche of shame; drop-kicking the Bruins; Dustin Byf-Fail-yn; beer in Texas; Sheldon Souray(notes) protest jersey; and a sweater Kevin Smith fans are going to love.)

And here ... we ... go.

Classic, no-questions-asked Foul right here: Raymond Bourque never wore this Colorado Avalanche third jersey, and there are no exceptions for retired numbers, either. Thanks to Aveangelist for the photo.

This one from Danny in London has our heads spinning a little bit.

Mockery Jersey intended to get a reaction from Montreal Canadiens fans for pretending Guy Lafleur played for the Toronto Maple Leafs? Some sort of Tribute Sweater to Doug Gilmour as the Leafs' answer to Guy Lafleur? Some dude named Lafleur born in 1993?


From Puck Buddies Kristin and Ian:

Not sure if this qualifies as a jersey foul since it's a T-shirt. However, I thought I'd send it in for your amusement anyhow.

Oh no, that's a Foul right there. Player specific T-shirts fall under the larger umbrella of Jersey Foul doctrine.

D'oh for a Doughnuts jersey. Here's Lauren with the lowdown on this Drew Doughty(notes) Los Angeles Kings Foul:

During the Kings "Frozen Fury" pre-season game in Las Vegas, I spotted this guy sitting a few rows away from my group.  I didn't get close enough to tell this guy that he was an idiot, but our group noticed that Douty could almost be pronounced as Drew Doody.  Poor Drew.

What a sad day it was, the day they ran out of 'G' and ‘H' at the Kings pro shop. Pity the poor souls walking around with Peter Arrold and Matt Reene sweaters ...

Speaking of misspellings:

Jeff from Marlies HQ spins a sublimely absurd tale of woe:

RealSports is having a sale on Game Worn Marlies jerseys ($50!) and most of them are fine. Me? I bought a Jeremy Williams(notes) white jersey, because Jeremy Williams was the first Marlies player I was ever a fan of, and always wanted his jersey. I brought it home, I posted it on facebook. And that's when someone pointed this out to me...

That, my friends, is a misspelled name. Not just a misspelled name, but a misspelled name on a GAME WORN JERSEY. Meaning, Jeremy Williams wore this jersey, typo and all, in a game. Not only did he not notice, the team didn't notice when sending it out to be sold, the store didn't notice when they sold it to me, and I didn't notice when I bought it. Unless this was viral marketing for the Nintendo Wii. Which I doubt.

Before you ask: Not a Foul. Sweater Blooper on official gear.

Sometimes we see jerseys like this Philadelphia Flyers sweater honoring Senator Bluto Blutarsky from "Animal House," and we want to trigger some kind of Hilarity Exception for what should otherwise be a Foul.


Thanks to Rob Moses.

From Josh from Intent To Blow:

Please to be finding the attached potential jersey foul. I spotted it at the Devils/Islanders pre-season game on 10/1/10.  It's a jersey a found kind of clever - with the name "In A Row" and No."37" - a Kevin Smith/Clerks reference.  A jersey foul?  Maybe, but points for referencing an awesome movie.

My issue with it?  It's a Monroeville Zombies jersey, from Kevin Smith's more recent movie "Zach and Miri Make A Porno."  I feel like this would be not so much a jersey foul if only he used a Leonardo Reapers jersey instead.

It's a Hollywood movie jersey with an awesome reference. PASS.

From Kessler, a Boston Bruins jersey that's up for debate:

I've got one to present to you that I'd argue is not a jersey foul.  My wife and I are living in London right now but are B's season ticket holders when we're in the states, so naturally we bought tickets to the Bruins/Giants game in Belfast that took place this past weekend.  We had a blast at the game, it was an AHL environment with great fans and a ton of good action, and to top it off we got to see this jersey on our way out. 

Now being that it was an exhibition game in Ireland, there were NHL jerseys from just about every team represented at the game, so already it was tough to call jersey foul on any of them.  But given that this one is a Spicy McHaggis Jersey I'd say definitely no foul.  Start with the Ireland/Boston connection, and then magnify it with the fact the Dropkick Murphys being an Irish band from Boston?

If this were at a regular season game in the Garden I'd say foul, but pre-season Boston/Ireland game in Ireland? This one has to pass. 

Shall we make some kind of geographic exception here?

Protest Jersey from the Edmonton Oilers, via Puck Buddy Matt: "I saw this guy walking around my school on opening night for the Oilers and laughed so hard." Can't blame you there.

Via Texas Stars Girl comes this Jersey Foul from an AHL Texas Stars game. Even if this jersey might actually lead to a few free pops during the season.

And finally ...

The Chris Chelios(notes) Frankenjersey, featuring the incompatible duo of the Detroit Red Wings and the Chicago Blackhawks. This shot was captured at the Blackhawks' banner raising by Puck Buddy Keith P.

Here's another look at this abomination from Jim C., as there's a No. 24 on the right sleeve and a No. 7 on the left.

We're honestly shocked that this jersey didn't fall apart at the seams, like a body rejecting an incompatible organ. And that someone besides Chelios's mother would wear it. 

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