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Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition. If you spot what you think may be a foul in your arena, e-mail a photo to us at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com for inclusion in future installments.

No idea. None. No clue how one decides to turn the back of a Buffalo Sabres sweater into some kind of hockey hieroglyphic; although respect must be paid to the color coordination between the Zamboni and the Sabres jersey. From Puck Buddy Andrew M.:

"I snapped this one at the Sabres/Pens game on 12/29 and I feel the ruling should be a foregone conclusion. Classic Sabres blue and gold with this monstrosity on the back. This should not have been bought or printed. Shame on everyone involved!"

We're sure there will be an email about how this guy used to drive the Zamboni for the Royal Order of Water Buffalo, and they gave him this jersey to commemorate 15 years of service.

Whatevs. You don't see us walking around in a Devils jersey with a giant cigar on the back. Ciger, on the other hand ...

Over on the right you'll see a somewhat creative tribute to Jack Bauer courtesy of a Carolina Hurricanes fan (sent in by the mysterious "Raleigh Enforcer").

Even as a tribute to Scott Walker's(notes) toughness, it's an easy Foul ... although it does push us a little closer to considering whether a "Fellini No. 8 1/2" jersey might actually be acceptable for its creativity. Particularly on a black-and-white Kings sweater.

(Coming Up: The pink hoodie nightmare; the Teddy Bear Toss "foul;" a Christmas sweater from the Thrashers that's coal in your stocking; numerically challenged Canes fans and linesman; Crosby love from Philly; Bruins/Sharks Frankenlogo; and one of the single most offensive Fouls we may have every published arrives from Florida.)

And here ... we ... go.

Dan P. sent over this Carolina Hurricanes jersey that just pissed us right off. Yes, the Hurricanes beat the Sabres in the Eastern Conference final, in a Game 7. But everyone remembers that Buffalo's defense has been decimated by injuries by the end of that series. It was hardly a fair fight.

But the more we thought about it, our feelings turned from anger to pity.

Because that series took place in 2006.

You know, the year Carolina won the Stanley Cup.

D'oh! Unless this guy is so obsessed that he's mocking the Sabres for losing the following year.

From Puck Buddy and Pension Plan Puppets blogger Chemmy comes this New York Islanders Foul that has us baffled. Is it "OJ Murtagh," like an O.J. Simpson reference? It nearly looks like Murtaugh, which speaks to our "Lethal Weapon" obsession and makes us hopeful that there's a matching "Riggs" sweater next to him.

We're getting too old for this [Gretzky].

From Puck Buddy "nlenzi":

"Please tell me you saw this jersey fouls behind the leafs bench. Pink #69 jersey w/ hoodie."

We have now. Yikes. Not sure what's more disturbing: The existence of this jersey or the fact that the depth perception on the television screenshot makes her look gargantuan enough to use Mellon Arena as a roll-on deodorant applicator.

Ho. Ho. No.

From Puck Buddy Justin C.:

My eyes literally bulged out of my head when I saw this fine specimen against the glass during last night's Habs/Thrashers game and, with the help of PVR and a digital camera, I bring it before you now...

At first, I considered the possibility that the Thrashers were actually selling these for the holidays... the jersey appears professionally crafted, is the appropriate 'blueland' blue base colour, and certainly has the authentic crests. But why on earth would any self-respecting team create such an atrocity? So my belief is that this gentleman created his own by splicing authentic crests with a holiday-themed base jersey (where would you even find one of those?).

Though amusing (particularly the candy-cane arm-band stripes), I have to say this is a FOUL based on either a gross misappropriation of team logos or, god forbid, a team merchandising initiative gone horribly awry. Does it even snow in Atlanta?

Not visible--whether or not the back features 'FROSTY' with a snow-peaked #8 (which would almost salvage the jersey based on completion of theme).

Particularly amusing about this screen capture is the look on the guy's face two seats away, obviously struggling with the same questions I pose above.

Also not clear--which is worse? This, or the Thrashers' current third?

The Thrashers' third jersey. But thanks for asking.

This arrived from Puck Buddy "Coop" after last night's San Jose Sharks/Boston Bruins game, and it's a tricky one. As a Bruins fan protest sweater, this "Frankenlogo" may be a pass. As a cheap excuse not to buy a Joe Thornton(notes) Sharks sweater, not so much.

New Jersey Devils fans once again show that the best offense is a defense mechanism. Extra Foul for reading like a text message. Thanks to "inhyung" for this one.

Now, this one is fantastic: NHL linesman Foul! Puck Buddy Chris C. explains:

"I noticed that NHL linesman Thor Nelson's eight in his 80 jersey is upside down. I have Tony Sericolo's 84 jersey as a comparison."

Great catch.

Puck Buddy "Pink Panther" sends over what was referred to as "the American spelling" of Patrick Roy's name.

Cute, but unacceptable. And nearly too close to "Waaaaah." Speaking of which ...

Just in case anyone was under the impression that D.C. had capitalized (wocka wocka) on the Sidney Crosby(notes) bashing Fouls, here's one from the Philadelphia Flyers. From Puck Buddy Jared K:

"Saw this in downtown Philly the night the Pens beat the Flyers 6-1.  I guess it would be cool if Crosby didn't own the Flyers pretty much every game. Oh well, it definitely sums up our feelings for him."

To think money and time were spent in the creation of this jersey. Don't these yokels know it's the ultimate sign to an opponent if you're willing to deface your own sweater for him?

Such harsh language. We need a palate cleanser:

Teddy Bears!

Puck Buddy Erin T. asks if this Calgary Hitman jersey is in fact a foul, as a Santa hat adorns their logo for the "15th annual Petro-Canada Teddy Bear toss at the Pengrowth Saddledome in Calgary" last month.

Team made for a good cause? Heck no. Which may contradict our feelings on the Thrashers Christmas jersey above, depending on its origins. There is, however, one subtle difference between the two, which is that the Hitman jersey is awesome while the Thrashers jersey should be used to clean up eggnog spills.

Finally, as promised, one of the most offensive Fouls we've ever seen.

This was sent in by both Matt D. and Josh L., and we're pretty much speechless. And aghast. And also speechless.

There's probably some explanation or justification or wacky basis for this Florida Panthers jersey, like to promote a product or some such. But ... did we mention speechless?

Heck of a Foul. And based on the multiple sightings, surprisingly easy to locate ... 

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