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Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition. If you spot what you think may be a foul in your arena, email a photo to us at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com for inclusion in future installments.

What better way to honor the retirement of San Jose Sharks defenseman Rob Blake(notes) than by transforming his sweater into a tribute to recreational narcotics?

Then again, maybe this is just a reference to the number of times Blake was burned during the playoffs this season ...

Puck Buddy Chris H. captured both of these Colorado Avalanche Fouls during their first-round series against the Sharks. Of the litany of '420' sweaters we see each season, this one at least has that ramshackle stoner charm to it, rather than paying to get all three numbers on the back. The game was also played on April 20, so there you go.

Plus, it's a bit of a Protest Jersey, as Blake isn't really all that endeared in Denver anymore.

The jersey on the right ... well, as Chris wrote to us, "The Urlacher one I just don't get."

We're sure there are multiple fans that own "Elway 7" jerseys for every sport other than football in Colorado. But the notion of rocking the name and number of an NFL player that doesn't play in your NFL city is a new, entirely baffling move. He was born in Washington, went to school in New Mexico and plays for the Chicago Bears; what gives?

Somehow we doubt there's an Elvis Dumervil Blackhawks jersey floating around Chicago ...

UPDATE: Like the teaser says, we do this to eductate as much as to entertain. Several Avs fans were quick to point out that the Urlacher jersey is in reference to a 2006 NIKE commercial (20 seconds in) in which he suits up with the Avalanche. With that info: PASS or FAIL?

(Coming Up: The girl who loves horses a little too much; Canadiens cuss words; Heatley Protest Jersey; another Washington Capitals Foul; Buffalo shame; please stop wearing No. 99; NCAA Foul; a Blackhawks Stanley Cup '10 jersey already; and inside the simmering hatred of the Detroit Red Wings in Chicago.)

And here ... we ... go.

Here's a fan who has decided to turn a Winter Classic Boston Bruins jersey into an object of ridicule. Captured in the first round against the Buffalo Sabres, Puck Buddy DV offers a few explanations:

A. Simple - An equestrian
B. Sexual - Advertising an illegal fetish
C. Self-deprecating - Maybe she's got a horse face, and is proud of it!
D. Sublime - An homage to the Sidney Crosby(notes) Golden Roar Photo Contest, where Sidney was portrayed as a braying jackass AND knocking his masculinity in the process!


Puck Buddy Lindsay submits this Daniel Alfredsson(notes) sweater from Game 6 between the Ottawa Senators and Pittsburgh Penguins. "It was a Dany Heatley(notes) jersey but after he was traded the guy used tape to turn it into a 'Alfie' jersey."

Protest Jersey, and it gets a PASS for it.  Even if it veers perilously close to a Nickname Fail, and generally looks like ass.

We'll allow "kiirenza" to explain this one from the Washington Capitals:

A couple of weeks ago, some of us met Capitals defenseman John Carlson(notes) at a Mike Green(notes) Muscle Milk promotion and someone remarked that Carlson looked like the Mighty Ducks character, Adam Banks. I guess this guy (that wasn't part of the group I was with) saw the joke on Twitter and decided to "make it so."


Besides this being one of the first Fouls for American Hero John Carlson ... is anyone else a little fascinated by the concept of the Mike Green Muscle Milk promotion?

No. 99 jerseys are such a basic, no-questions-asked Fail. There's a reason why Gretzky's number is retired around the league and it's called so no one else can wear it. Anyhoo, here's Patrick with another Boston Bruins Foul:

A few buddies and I were grabbing some pizza before what turned out to be a thrilling double-OT victory in Boston, when we spotted a guy wearing the number 99 on the shoulder/arm-area of a Bruins jersey.  Without seeing the front or back of the jersey, we immediately knew it was a foul.  It turns out there were two people wearing similar jerseys with 'Bobrow' on the back.  Not sure what the significance of that is, but this was definitely a double-OT double-foul (sorry, couldn't resist).  Also, bonus foul points were awarded for having a 'C' on the front (which I was unfortunately unable to capture).

No. 99 AND the captaincy? This is on a Hummer limo-sized level of overcompensation.

Puck Buddy Kyle W. sends in this NCAA Jersey Foul (surprised we don't get more of those, actually) as this Minnesota Golden Gophers fan celebrates his team's back-to-back Frozen Four wins in 2002-03.

Honestly: Points for creativity for sneaking the "02" in there like that. As usual, we leave this one to the readers: PASS or FAIL on the Tribute Jersey?

Apologies in advance to any French Canadian readers who see this Montreal Canadiens jersey as an outrageous bit of profanity. That's the beauty of the language barrier: One culture's cuss word can mean nothing to another culture. Why do you think Spanish-language morning radio gets away with so much?

"Tabarnac!" first arrived on our radar screen the first time we read Ken Dryden's "The Game," which again is simply the greatest hockey book every published. It was used liberally as an exclamation in the Habs' locker room, and it isn't exactly difficult to understand its English equivalent.

JT Utah of 25 Stanley sent this image in, and we're completely on the fence about whether a "Tabarnac" jersey with Patrice Brisebois's (notes) number is a total Fail or a really hilarious MYO (Mock-Your-Own) Sweater.

From Puck Buddy Ed W. comes this Buffalo Sabres ... well, whatever it's supposed to be. Was it sinful enough to still own a Max Afinoganov jersey that a Buffalonian has to ensure his brethren that it's merely a temporary dilemma?

Bill C. sent in this Foul, and wrote the following:

Personally, I like this jersey, so I don't know if its a true "Jersey Foul."  I bet Steve Yzerman feels differently, though.

If you've ever been to the UC when the Wings are in town, you'd know that the fans chant "Detroit Sucks" more often than the usual "Let's Go Hawks."

It's a hell of an expensive statement about one opponent, but then that's the way most Hawks fans are about the Red Wings, it seems they're more passionate about hating Detroit than they are about loving their Blackhawks.

We mentioned this on Twitter on Thursday, and will repeat it here: There were "Detroit Sucks" chants from the Chicago Blackhawks fans watching the Cup skate at Wachovia Center. What you might call a simmering inferiority complex, we'd call ... well, we'd call it that too, actually.

Finally ...click the video to watch.

WGN actually followed up on a story about a guy who made a half-and-half baseball jersey and then made a half-and-half Blackhawks jersey. Dude said it was "just a joke" back then; times haven't changed.

That half black/half red Frankenjersey should be used to clean up oiled-up Gulf pelicans.

(Thanks to 'Bri' for the story.)

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