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Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition. If you spot what you think may be a foul in your arena, email a photo to us at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com for inclusion in a future installment.

Did anyone else just fall in love? Or, at the very least, instantaneously come down with a humbling thirst that only a proper Oktoberfest celebration can quench?

Puck Buddy Brian H. explains this Chicago Blackhawks vision of beauty:

I attended Milwaukee's Germanfest. After a few Doppelbocks I saw what appeared be a Dirndl with a Hawks logo on it. Upon further inspection I  found these four lovely young ladies with their custom made Blackhawks Dirndl jerseys.

I thought these were a must for sharing with the Puck Daddy readers. The
4th girl somehow got cut off in the second picture. She was wearing Patrick Kane's(notes) name and number. Now if they only made those in Rangers colors ...

There’s just something very right about beer wenches Committing To the Indian, because Chicago, like Milwaukee, is your quintessential city for gallons of suds accompanied by copious amounts of fatty meats. Someone needs to introduce these ladies to Abe Froman.

While we still must rank the Florida Panthers formal gown as the loveliest piece of Jersey Foul-related women’s wardrobe, these Blackhawks Dirndl jerseys run a close second. It's a gap made even closer by the presence of beer. And, we imagine, polka music.

(Coming Up: Pronger haunts Toews and Kane; the Baconator; Ducks fans get Pennywise and profane; Islanders fans turn Tavares into hockey Jesus; Calgary protest jersey; Guillaume Latendresse(notes) brilliance; and a pressing question about old names on new jerseys.)

And here … we  … go.

This scene looks innocent enough, until you realize the setting: This was outside the NHL Store in Manhattan on Wednesday, where Jonathan Toews(notes) and Patrick Kane took part in an EA Sports "trick shot” competition on 47th Street.

Puck Buddy Rubin M. noted that, in fact, a Philadelphia Flyers fan did the "Enemy Fan Jersey" thing by showing up with a Chris Pronger(notes) shirt:

"That's a classic Pronger move. And by that I of course mean classic [expletive] move."


In case you couldn’t tell, New York Islanders fans are rather excited about John Tavares(notes) as their franchise player. Puck Buddy Christina V. wrote:

Now, I'm all for John Tavares of the New York Islanders. He's my favorite player. But this is taking things a little bit too far. And to even put a "C" on the front? Come on, now.

Hey, listen: When Doug Weight(notes) retires in 15 years, there’s a very good chance Tavares will become captain.

For the record, we believe in Long Island as the cradle of future "Jersey Shore" cast-members too.

We've seen plenty of Stanley Cup-related commemorate sweaters, but Eugene C. sent over this one from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, spotted during Canada Day festivities on Granville Island.

We'll just go ahead and assume he had this made before a single game was played.

Puck Buddy Kathleen C. explains this San Jose Sharks instant classic:

"I saw my coworker wearing this while I was getting off work, in the midst of a Sharks-getting-swept-by-Chicago game. Needless to say, my night was ruined. Even worse, he actually paid for it."

We actually might have given this a PASS had he worn a Wendy’s style red pigtails wig to the game.

Like us, you may be a little baffled by this Anaheim Ducks Foul. Eric C. enlightens us:

A guy in a Ducks jersey that reads "Bro Hymn". It's a song by the band Pennywise, and also listed on Urban Dictionary as "an anthem for douche bags." He is an Anaheim fan.

Ouch. The year 1993 would be the inaugural season for the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim in the NHL. Yet this fan saw fit to spend money on a "Bro Hymn" sweater instead of honoring a Ducks pioneer like Terry Yake, Garry Valk or Guy Hebert.

Puck Buddy JVR from St. Paul offers what is, by far, one of our favorite Jersey Fouls of the year, even if it’s a tab ambiguous in the photo. From a Minnesota Wild game:

I apologize for the bad angle and inability to read the name on this jersey. I had to snap it as he was on his way out just as the game was ending. I thought I saw a Guillaume Latendresse jersey, but the letters were half the height of the normal letters and read "LETSUNDRESS". Hahaha - stupid. I have no idea what that gold jersey is in the background.

Neither do we. PASS OR FAIL: Humorous plays on players names. 

Hey, just because Shane Doan(notes) was up for the incredibly prestigious Mark Messier Leadership Award doesn’t mean you can start wearing Messier Phoenix Coyotes jerseys to the game. The franchise already tainted Gretzky’s legacy; is Mess next?

Thanks to Puck Buddy Michael. And apologies to Martin Hanzal(notes) for having his name spelled "Messier" on a Coyotes’ No. 11 sweater.

Puck Buddy Stephen L. took issue with this Calgary Flames/Toronto Maple Leafs mash-up:

Found this on my friend’s Facebook site... my second fav team (flames) mixed with my least fav team (leafs).. Disgusting!

Well, we disagree. If this sweater was created post-Phaneuf trade as some sort of Darryl Sutter protest, then it’s aces. If it’s some kind of "I root for both teams" Frankenjersey … FAIL FAIL FAIL.

But, overall, we're just disturbed by the presence of a Mr. Lube sign and that giant finger ...

As you know, we approach Jersey Fouls as an academic study with ever-changing variables. Sometimes, there are valid questions about the Fouls that we think are worth of discussion here; and here’s a good one from Jonathan Stone of Barrie:

Last month I was visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame and noticed a fellow patron wearing an Edmonton Oilers RBK Edge alternate home jersey (the 1980s redux) with "Kurri/17" on the back. 
Initially I wrote this off as a Jersey Foul, as Kurri never wore the RBK Edge.  But the more I think about it, it might be acceptable because the RBK Oilers jersey is a re-issue of the jersey that Kurri helped make famous.
We all know that you can't slap the name of a player on the back of a jersey he didn't wear even though he may have once played for the franchise, but with regard to teams like the Islanders bringing back glory jerseys from the 80s, is it legit to put the names and numbers of players on a re-issued version of the jersey they wore in their era? 
Could one sport a "Bossy/22" Islanders RBK or a "Messier/11" Oilers RBK without it being a Jersey Foul?

This is a fair point, but we’re still leaning towards FOUL here because they’re fundamentally different sweaters, as you can see in the image above.

And honestly: If you want to honor the old school, do you really want to do it with the RBK EDGE UNIFORM SYSTEM?

Finally ...

Please keep this man away from our Blackhawks beer wenches.

(Thanks to Puck Buddy Ryan B.)

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