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Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition. If you spot what you think may be a foul in your arena, e-mail a photo to us at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com for inclusion in future installments.

Really, Anaheim Ducks fan? From Puck Buddy Andrew R.:

Hey, saw this at the Sharks/Ducks game and wanted your opinion. 

As a Sharks fan, I don’t like being reminded how they have a Cup and we don't so I give it props for that, but once I started thinking about it I thought, well this guy can only wear the jersey for 6 of their 41 home games, so is it really worth it then?

Oh, the inanity of this jersey goes well beyond that, sir. Yes, the Ducks have accomplished something the Los Angeles Kings and San Jose Sharks have not in their franchises' histories.

Once. They accomplished it once.

Is this cat wearing this sweater to Montreal or Detroit?

Staying in California, here's an Evgeni Nabokov Foul from the Sharks, via Amanda J.

Look, this is cute, that's for sure.

But it's also a complete waste of a jersey and fairly difficult to justify when Nabokov has won ... well, just look at the jersey on top.

Our Nabby, incidentally, is Abigail "Nabby" Adams Smith, firstborn daughter of Abigail and President John Adams. Who's yours?

(Coming Up: The Worm joins the Blackhawks; stupid word play; Pengirl 87; the goon question for the Edmonton Oilers; New Jersey irony, an orgy of uniform numbers; and a weird Ovechkin autograph.)

And here ... we ... go.

We've said in the past there's something vaguely punk rock about putting a hockey player's name on a football jersey in cities where the NFL is king; specifically thinking about an Ovechkin Redskins jersey for example.

It doesn't work the other way, and certainly not for basketball. And certainly not when the wearer should in theory be sporting a blonde dye job and a nose ring. Thanks to Joe J. for the image.

Puck Buddy Dustin K. sends in another snappy bit of word play from San Jose:

Not sure if you've seen one like this, or the exact same one, but in any case - here you go. Sorry the S isn't visible.

"You want Samora Dis?"

Gag me, please.

Take a number.

From Puck Buddy Michael F.:

Moved back to Raleigh and the very first 'Canes game I see (the awesome win over the Flightless Waterfowl) brought the jersey below out of the woodwork. "Pengirl" is the full name the dude (‘twas a dude wearing the jersey, yes -- didn't want to risk a second photo to bring attention to my covert shooting but a dude) decided was a perfect fit to put with No. 87 ... on a HURRICANES jersey.

Not sure why his female companion wasn't wearing the jersey, perhaps there was some form of wager involved? Regardless of who's wearing it, we're assuming this is a rather epic fail on our hands here? 

Well, one assumes it might be some kind of misguided hack attempt at a Crosby diss. But who knows...

T-shirt foul from the epicenter of Jersey Fouls, Washington, D.C. From Eric:

As a lifelong Caps fan, it pains me to send you this. Alas, an institutionalized jersey foul cannot go unmentioned and unpunished. The photos show that Mike Gartner's name and number have been placed on a shirt bearing the NEW Capitals logo. Garbage.

If they're going to institutionalize a jersey foul, it should at least be Bondra or Kolig.

We will not allow you to forget the legacy of Lou Franceschetti, sir.

Steven Rockarts sends in a mysterious Foul from Edmonton:

Here is a jersey foul I spotted at an Oilers game a couple weeks ago. I am not sure if this guy is protesting the lack of a goon on the Oilers since Laraque left or if he doesn't know what a goon is to begin with. Maybe he is protesting that the majority of the forwards in Edmonton are under 6-0.

I have a friend who actually knows this guy and says he is pretty crazy. He apparently built his own hang glider and jumped off a cliff with it. The hang glider failed and he wiped out pretty hard so maybe memory loss accounts for the creation of this jersey foul.

Well now we feel really weird about posting this.

We're going to need a ruling here. Danny P saw this at an Oldtimers game at Bell Centre between the Canadiens and Nordiques. When you're dealing with siblings on the same team, are we allowing this? Sort of a Kostitsyn/Sedin Exception for these sweaters? Or total Foul.

From Virginia Flowers of Getting Pucks Deep:

I saw this Frankenjersey at the Sabres/Thrashers game. Buffalasher? Atlantalo? Thrabres? I'm thinking just "hot mess." I guess at least ONE of his teams won that night.

Is there a chance this is a Max Afinogenov tribute jersey?

Here's what we'll say about this: The Thrasher with the Buffaslug head should be in the "Clash of the Titans" sequel.

From RWS at the New Jersey Devils St. Patrick's Day game:

Not sure if this guy was in a hurry when he ordered the jersey or if he's just got his favorite rallying cry on there, but this is horrible.  Notice that the guy is shopping for cell phones at a hockey game...

Ironic that they're smart phones.

Although there is something wonderful about a Devils jersey demanding forward motion.

From Mark L. comes yet another Sharks Jersey Foul that's part of a larger trend. We've seen these jerseys popping up around the league. Here's another one, from the Dallas Stars:

Our theory, based on some conversations: The multiple numbers are there so the jersey wearer can collect autographs on all of them and become a walking piece of memorabilia.

And also look foolish.

Finally, we need a ruling: CapsNut sends over this Alex Ovechkin jersey ... with a Peter Bondra autograph.

1. Why?

2. Foul?

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