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Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition. If you spot what you think may be a foul in your arena, email a photo to us at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com for inclusion in future installments.

This is an Atlanta Thrashers fan wearing their new third jersey for next season: a customized pair of denim overalls with Rich Peverley's(notes) name and number on them. And, we image, a jar of moonshine somewhere on his person.

From reader Virginia Flowers:

My husband and I debated about whether or not this was a Jersey Foul as it is not really a jersey. I say YES! 

It's worn in lieu of a jersey.And it especially counts as a Jersey Foul because he has official Atlanta Thrashers letters and numbers. If you looking under the mullet hair on his back, you can see "Peverley."

Whatever it is, it's most definitely foul and reinforces most people's thoughts on southern hockey fans. Thrashers can't be picky though; at least it's a butt in a seat and he had a good time.

That lady's making a lot of sense.

For the record, total Foul, although we have to admit that having that many pockets at the concession stand would undoubtedly come in handy during the game.

(Coming Up: Personalized jersey hell; Habs/Leafs Frankenjersey; more Sidney Crosby(notes) snark; protest jerseys for Jeff Skinner(notes) and Jaromir Jagr; an indescribably bad St. Louis Blues Foul; a Jersey Foul found on the ice during a Coyotes game; NHL All-Star jersey dresses; and someone who appeared in a previous edition of J-Fouls explains what the hell he was thinking.)

And here ... we ... go.

From reader David Speller:

Snapped this at a local pub following a Habs/Leafs game. Wrong on so many levels. His buddy was wearing a Habs #9 jersey with "The Rocket" on the back but unfortunately the Guinness impaired my camera's focusing abilities.

Our surprise isn't that someone had combined Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys (and hat!) into one horrific Frankenjersey outfit. Our surprise is that the one of the halves didn't immediately reject the other, like a body cavity convulsing upon introduction of an incompatible liver, sending the organ across the surgery room and onto a nurse's face.

Speaking of the Leafs ...

Justin Kendrick of The Hockey Card Show spotted this Foul behind the Leafs' net last night. The immediate thought from some folks was a Four Square Foul, but this fan skews a bit old for that. Plus, we've met "unofficial mayors" at hockey games before; one of the blog's oldest fans fancies himself as The Mayor of Section 417 at Capitals games.

Total Foul, unless the team gave it to him. We're coming around to that being a PASS.

Todd Bertuzzi(notes) has played for the New York Islanders, Vancouver Canucks, Florida Panthers (for, like, a minute), Calgary Flames, Anaheim Ducks and Detroit Red Wings. He hasn't done anything in his career to warrant inclusion on a St. Louis Blues jersey, let alone a newer model. In fact, as Michael C. writes, he's one of the last guys you'd expect to see on the back of a Note:

Seen at the Scottrade Center. Apparently, someone was too young to recall Bertuzzi's cheap shot to Barrett Jackman early in 2003, followed by the ensuing hostility in the 2003 playoffs. May be the next worse things to an Yzerman Blues jersey.

As if anyone would have the gall to put Yzerman's name over D.J. King's(notes) number.

Via reader Peter McTague:

Coyotes fan here (we exist!), I saw an interesting in-game jersey foul that happened during a game between the Phoenix Coyotes at the Los Angeles Kings. You will notice in the attached picture, Michal Rozsival(notes) #32, has the number #23 (which belongs to rookie Oliver Ekman-Larsson(notes)) stitched on his sleeve. Just a weird thing I noticed.

That is weird. The fact that Coyotes fans exist, we mean.

Look, as Fouls go, there are pedestrian, but it's always good to remember the basics. Like not besmirching a classic sweater with your own dopey name. From BORT:

As a regular attendee of Bruins home games I can attest to seeing a ton of Jersey fouls at the Garden, maybe not San Jose numbers, but an astounding amount just the same.  I try to get pictures when I can, but I'm not that successful or the most part, at taking the pictures that is. 

This little beauty fell right into my lap though as she sat right in front of me. I'll give her credit for keeping a mid-1980's sweater in such great shape, but can't overlook the traditional jersey foul of fan's name on players jersey.  From the era of this jersey it would be Bob Sweeney, or currently Dan Paille.  Also, what's with the punctuation? A period after Kim? I don't get it.

Nor do we. More egregious, however, is the sweater on the right (via reader Chavez), in which some dude named LUPTON believes the best way to honor Mark Messier's legacy with the New York Rangers is to change his name to LUPTON.

Now, this Foul was going to kick off today's post until we realized it's a classic that's just never appeared here before. It's been seen at Calgary Flames games for a bit and even was mentioned in a John Buccigross column a few years back. Here's Chris C.'s take on the Jarome Iginla(notes)/Hakan Loob mash-up:

Saw this at MSG on 11/22 for Rangers/Flames. Finally got a shot of this gem as I was walking out of the arena. I mean, Jarome is great and all, but I think Hakan Loob is deserving of his own jersey. Almost a point per game player in 6 seasons. And for god sakes, get the name on a CCM Vintage Jersey. These "hybrid player" jerseys must be eliminated.

Look, we have to tip our cap for creativity. But Iginloob sounds like something that "Gettin Jiggy With Iggy" lady might be tracking down as we speak. Yuck. (Thanks to Mike Ticarico, Lisa McRitchie and others for sending this one in.)

While Iginla may have the wackiest Jersey Fouls, Sidney Crosby continues to lead the pack in sheer volume. Reader Scott sent in the Foul on the right:

I don't see many jersey fouls here in Tampa, but saw this one at a Lightning/Rangers game. Two things I don't get -- why do you spend money on a jersey like this to make fun of a player you obviously don't like? And why do people wear jerseys to a game of a team/player that are not involved in that game?

Two good questions. The Foul on the right was taken by your truly at a Washington Capitals/Pittsburgh Penguins game on Super Bowl Sunday. An anti-Crosby jersey in D.C.? Go figure.

What, no Ja ... oh, wait, there he is.

From Jon, again from D.C.:

I was at Verizon Center on Sunday afternoon when I cam across this gem.  It's nice to know that Pens fans are familiar with what Jagr did during his tenure in DC.

We sorta figured this was a Capitals fan commenting on Jagr's sullen, disappointing tenure in DC. In which case it may get a PASS as a Protest Jersey, even if the guy's out of the NHL now.

Speaking of protests:

Reader GeekJock is not down with this Carolina Hurricanes might-be-a-Protest Jersey:

I saw this at season ticketholder night and thought you might appreciate it. I don't know why people who are at the home arena cannot just go buy a $20 shirt for a star player like Jeff Skinner; instead they have to deface a Whitney shirt, who is still loved around here.

Yeah, that's really random. Whitney's split with the team was amicable, wasn't it? Maybe this guy just didn't get rid of his autographed shirt.

Last week, a reader was asking us if the folks featured in Jersey Fouls ever write in and express anger about it. To be honest, it's happened once if it's happened at all. People see this for what it is, which is a goof.

But we do have people write in with clarifications and back-stories about their Fouls, which is cool. Like, for example, Computer Joe from Pittsburgh, who was featured in this edition. Here's Joe:

I am, the one, the only, Computer Joe. Yes. The one with the jersey. And yes, I know it's a jersey foul.

Though Computer Joe's In-Home Service is my side business, it was not meant to be an ad. I've been known as "Computer Joe" for years and thus got that on my jersey. Why would I do such a thing? Because the Pens regularly trade/don't resign players of whom I want to get jerseys such as Colby Armstrong(notes), Alexei Kovalev, etc. I, for one, cannot be traded.

I also got the jersey before Matt Cooke(notes) was on the team and there was no #24 on the team.

But yes. I am aware I am in the realm of jersey foulness, but I could definitely take pictures of a few others around our arena, such as my coworker's #41 jersey with "DMB" on the back.

Thanks for the article though - if you ever need a home PC fixed, let me know.

No sir, thank you ... for not sending us a virus in your email.

And finally ... this happened at the NHL All-Star Game in Raleigh:

Puck Daddy reader 'Puck It Dano' sent over these images, writing: "Took these at the NHL Fan Fest last weekend. As you see, they are not jerseys but dresses."

The one of the right is, quite frankly, spectacular, in a hockey-meets-Ren-fest way. Huzzah!

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