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NHL Awards host Jay Mohr has a show on Wednesday nights on FUEL TV called "Master Debaters", which we imagine is a subtle reference to fishing. (It's also not this show or this show.) The program is billed as "an irreverent, slightly raunchy, high-energy debate-format show"; naturally, legendary NHL yapper and NBC analyst Jeremy Roenick(notes) is among the first panelists.

Here's an exclusive clip with Good 'Ole J.R. with former Oakland A's outfielder Eric Byrnes and comedian Na'im Lynn as they discuss the most annoying fans in sports, and Jeremy takes a trip to the City of Brotherly Love:

For the video impaired, Roenick said Philadelphia fans "booed Santa Claus" as well as:

"Do you remember when Tie Domi of the Toronto Maple Leafs were playing the Philadelphia Flyers and he was in the penalty box and that Philadelphia fan dove through the glass into the penalty box after the guy. That. Is. Messed up fans. Philadelphia fans [are] crazy, crazy sons of bitches."

The show can be viewed at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on FUEL TV. (Needless to say, check your local listings because we have no idea, either.) Said Jay Mohr in a press release: "Our goal is to create an atmosphere where dudes talk about all the things they're already discussing with their friends." Alas, based on the first episode, he's talking about straight men ...

This morning's quandary: Are Flyers fans still the most intimidating in hockey?

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