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Back when the New York Rangers were still vying for the Stanley Cup, we asked a rather important question: What the hell was growing on Jaromir Jagr's face? Was it a "Fro Hawk?" Was it a squirrel's tail hanging off his chin? Did a caterpillar try to crawl into his mouth and die? In our article "The Art of the Stanley Cup Playoff Beard," Margee asked: "Is this some sort of tribute to Scott Speizio? Or Adnan Ghalib? Or Jenna Jameson's crotch?"

We were thrilled when our follicle nightmare ended and Jagr finally located his razor. We're even more pleased to see Jagr's kept the whatever-the-hell-it-was off his face. Duke Phillips over at Original Six Hockey League revealed that Jagr was doing some off-season R&R at the MGM in Las Vegas recently. "Who needs the Stanley Cup playoffs when you can float around in a belly boat instead?" Indeed. Duke reports that Jagr took some photos with fans, goofing around with a mullet wig, and said he "apparently has zero interest in playing for the Oilers."

Yup, Jagr was in Vegas. The same Jagr who at one point owed more than $500,000 to an Internet gambling site. But no one said he was playing the tables. As far as we know, Jags floated in a pool for a while, hit the buffet, maybe caught that Cirque du Soleil Beatles thing. Good, clean, wholesome fun. For a multi-millionaire. In Las Vegas. 

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