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When Edmonton Oilers GM Kevin Lowe took Anaheim Ducks President Brian Burke's bait and unleashed an amateurish rant on the radio, I said he was out of his element.

Burke's response to that tirade was exactly what I expected: A confident retort shouted down from the high ground that managed to smack the Oilers, Lowe and even Gary Bettman across the knuckles. Or was I the only one who read the "they tried to tamper with Corey Perry!" nonsense as a subtle nudge at Bettman for his preemptive warning on tampering between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Burke?  

In any case, Burke and Lowe were told to be on their best behavior, so no more hot GM-on-GM action. That doesn't mean their fight can't be carried on by surrogates, however. Which brings us to Bob Stauffer of the Edmonton Sun.

The NHL Arena Program noticed that Stauffer took a rather hard shot at Adam Brady, the Ducks' in-house team blogger who has written about the Burke/Lowe feud and was the first to report on Burke calling the Oilers "dirty bastards." Stauffer believes the Ducks may be using Brady, the team's Director of Publications & New Media, and his blog to continue fueling the feud.

From the Sun:

Recently the Ducks have utilized their own team website to belittle other organizations in the NHL breaking pretty much every code of ethics of any legitimate sports league on the planet. This isn't, after all, the WWE or UFC we are talking out here. In recent blogs written by a Ducks employee on the Ducks' team website, cheap shots were taken at the Edmonton Oilers, the Tampa Bay Lightning and former Ducks players who are currently employed by other NHL organizations.

It is one thing for non-team affiliated smart-ass columnists or radio and television commentators to send a shot across the bow at a manager, a coach or a player. But for a team official to infer on a team website that another NHL organization's GM is a fool, well that sinks to a new low.

It's a fair point. You don't often see these in-house blogs go on the offensive; many of them are more like that of Carolina Hurricanes Media Relations Director Mike Sundheim, who adds interesting insight and context to the team and its players. But some are like that of former Islanders media guy Chris Botta, who used his blog for the team's official site to blast some members of the media from time to time. Still, if the NHL wants this feud to end, having the Ducks' official site continue the verbal volleys after the buzzer probably isn't fair to the Oilers. It should stop.

One last thing on Burke vs. Lowe. I came across this song parody last week, and it didn't do anything for me. Cute concept, but it doesn't really go anywhere; which makes it the YouTube equivalent of "Meet Dave." Or just 95% of YouTube videos.

Alanah from Canucks and Beyond agrees, but my partner in crime Sean Leahy really digs it. So out of respect for him, we present "Wake Me Up When Burke and Lowe Are Friends." To the tune of "Sex and Candy" by Marcy Playground. (Just kidding ... obviously.)

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