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As you may have heard, we're going to get our first large dose of the NHL Guardians during Sunday's NHL All-Star Game, as the superhero team is introduced in a between-periods special effects extravaganza. If you have no idea what any of this means, read our "origin story" of the project.

Ah, but these aren't the only NHL-based comic heroes. Puck Daddy commissioned artist David Cicirelli (a frequent winner in our Photoshop reader art contests) to honor the forgotten forbearers of the Guardians.

Behold, The Financially Un-Viable X-TEAMS ... excelsior!

With great power comes great responsibility ... and occasional inanity.

Here is the origin story and character rundown from David Cicirelli:

After Commissioner Bettman successfully passed the Traditional Market Registration Act, the world was no longer a safe place for anyone that didn't fit into his vision.

There seemed little hope for a group of loners ... until eccentric billionaire and long time Bettman adversary Jim Balsille gave them a purpose and gave them a hope. He gathered this group of rejected franchise and molded them into heroes.

Sworn to protect the league that hates and fears them, they are the strangest heroes of all...The Financially Un-Viable X-TEAM.


Jim Balsille

Long time foe of Bettman's power, he banded together this group of unwanted teams into the force they are today.

Warren Whalington III - The Whaler

Connecticut Country Clubs couldn't provide enough excitement for this tri-state titan!

The Nordique

This powerful warrior comes from a strange land in the north, speaking a native tongue indecipherable to all but a select few. He claims to be a god, from a land of gods; a place us mere mortals will never understand. Perhaps it's true. Then again, most Separatists say that.

The North Star

No one doubts this Scrappy fighter. Just don't put him in the same room as a Bostonian.


Wonder-Peg owns an Invisible Jet. Get it?

Hot-lanta Flame

Look out for his Disco Inferno attack. This cool cat never made it out of the 70s.


Commissioner Bettman

This elected official will stop at nothing until these heroes are vanquished to Phoenix.

He has at his command a legion of decommissioned Fox Hockey Robots, scouring North America to put a stop to the small market menace. They have no compassion, and will destroy you with a powerful fox track puck with no hesitation.


Unlike Jim Balsillie, who has a vision of a unified NHL, VS doesn't believe in coexistence. He will always attempt to get the X-TEAM to join Fly Fishing, Hunting, and Bull Riding in his Brotherhood of Misfit Sports.

How will our champions of justice escape from this dastardly predicament!? All will be revealed in the continuing adventures of ... The Financially Un-Viable X-TEAM.

• • •

David Cicirelli is one of our favorite people. Please check out his Fakebook project for more.

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