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Bob Miller has been the voice of the Los Angeles Kings since 1973, which means he's seen it all: Losing, bad uniforms, Gretzky, good uniforms, Bruce McNall, losing, that creepy third jersey and, of course, losing. In a great new interview with Inside the Kings, Miller reviewed today's Los Angeles Kings while sharing some great memories --  like the most bizarre thing to happen in the arena while he was on the air: "On March 5, 1988, some fan threw a live chicken on the ice in the first period while the game was in progress at the Forum. The chicken had what looked like a blue napkin on his back and was so scared it sat motionless and soiled the ice. Play continued for about 30 seconds as Kings players skated and stickhandled around the chicken until the referee stopped play and the chicken was removed."

Gotta play around the chicken; don't wanna risk getting whistled for a stick fowl. My, how times have changed: Instead of just smelling it on the ice, now the Kings actually play like chickenshhhhh ... uh, poop.

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