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Illustrated guide to Brendan Shanahan’s NHL suspensions (so far)

Our anonymous NHL blogger The Player said it best: "When it comes to enforcing these new rules, Brendan Shanahan(notes) has been a busy man."

Along with fines to Mats Zuccarello(notes) of the New York Rangers and Shea Weber(notes) of the Nashville Predators, the NHL's department of player safety has issued 11 Shanabans to players for various infractions. It began with two suspensions on Sept. 20; it's continued through Kris Letang's(notes) 2-game suspension for the Pittsburgh Penguins on Oct. 17.

Dan Gustafson of Sixteen Wins, who previously created The Illustrated Guide to the Boston Bruins' Foxwoods Bar Tab, made this hand infographic to capture the variety and frequent swings of the Shanahammer — including a comparison with his predecessor.

Check out the image here as well. Meanwhile, here is a more detailed look at each suspension:

Illustrated guide to Brendan Shanahan’s NHL suspensions (so far)

Check out the interactive version of this on Sixteen Wins. Dan will be updated both graphics as the season continues — and considering Dan Carcillo(notes) has a hearing on Saturday for a dirty hit on Joni Pitkanen(notes) (via Sportsnet), it might have to be sooner than later.

(By and by the way: We're happy to announce that Dan will be working with Puck Daddy on creating some whimsical and informative NHL graphics throughout the season. If you have any requests, email us at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com. Visit Dan at Sixteen Wins and follow him on Twitter here.)

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