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New York Rangers forward-turned-Vogue intern Sean Avery is best friends with Lauryn Flynn, who had been director of celebrity services for Calvin Klein until recently. Flynn helped set the fashion trends for everyone from Eva Mendes to Sienna Miller to Scarlett Johansson.

Fashion Week Daily's blog reports that Flynn has left her job, and is intent on starting a celebrity stylist company with, you guessed it, Sean Avery:

The two have recently incorporated their company name and will work as celebrity stylists. Avery, meanwhile, will continue on with his career as a professional hockey player. "We want to get it back to the point where girls don't worry about what Us Weekly says," said Avery. "It's about expressing individual style and just wearing what's cool. I'm totally consumed by fashion. We want to help them bring their individuality back."

The photogenic duo were recently profiled by Marie Claire for its April issue under the heading "Cool Guys Talk Fashion," where Flynn trend-tested a Calvin Klein sack dress. "It's not Lauryn's style, which is early-'90s Seattle grunge," Avery concluded. "But it totally works with her signature battered biker boots."

Also in that Marie Claire interview, Sean Avery shared some fashion tips for women:

Spend big on shoes, bags, and jackets.

Don't try too hard to dress for guys; it shows a lack of confidence.

Don't dress in all designer duds - just look polished.

Single guys need fashion help, too.

Avery admitted that "some say I'm not in touch with reality: I sleep in Tom Ford pajamas!" Hey, who doesn't? (Does Tom Ford make anything for Target?)

More from People magazine on this new fashion adventure for L.C. from "The Hills" Sean Avery. You know, we were awfully quick to point out the rather hilarious details and general "The Ranger Wears Prada" vibe of Avery's foray into the industry. So quick that we completely forgot that his chosen passion would have him in constant, close proximity to women like ScarJo; in some cases, literally choosing what they'll wear.

Keep living the dream Sean. Phaneuf ain't got nuthin' on you.

H/T to the Rangers Report and Alanah Downey.

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