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Colorado Eagles assistant coach Greg Pankewicz‘s bio indicates he was hired in 2009 after retiring as the team's captain. Along with being the franchise's leading goal-scorer as a player, he also had brief stints with the NHL's Ottawa Senators and Calgary Flames.

Pankewicz's bio says nothing about having been a Chippendale's dancer or rented out for bachelorette parties, but after witnessing his behavior in a CHL game against the Mississippi River Kings on Saturday night, we have our suspicions.

In the third period, one of the Eagles was roughed up by a linesman during an escalating brawl on the ice. Pankewicz was enraged by the official's behavior, and began vehemently arguing from the Colorado bench: yelling, screaming, tossing things on the ice.

Then, as a last resort, Pankewicz did something we can't recall ever seeing a coach do while arguing with an official: He hurled his tie, his shirt and his undershirt in frustration, before being sent to the dressing room shirtless.

From Adam Dunivan of the Loveland Reporter-Herald:           

The game will be remembered, on the short-term, as a regular-season victory, but will live on for Pankewicz's reaction to linesman Chris Wilson tackling Joe Grimaldi after a scuffle broke out on the ice with four and a half minutes gone in the third.

While Dan Sullivan and Russell Smith were engaged in fisticuffs, Grimaldi keyed in on another Mississippi player, but before he could get to him was tackled hard to the ice by Wilson.

Pankewicz was irate, and methodically dismantled his three-piece suit and tossed the clothing to the ice. Shirtless, Pankewicz's last tosses included his loafers.

He did not want to comment on the situation after the game, but [Coach Chris] Stewart had plenty to say.

"I thought it was very heavy-handed on the part of the linesman to attack a player in that manner," Stewart said.

"I don't think that's acceptable; everyone has emotions running high, ... but that isn't right. That's a league matter, but it certainly will be addressed."

Or undressed. Check out Dunivan's blog for more.

If you ever wondered what Ned Braden would do as a minor league assistant coach, now you know. Thanks to Pankewicz for creating an instant classic hockey clip. And for the love of our eyesight, please don't let Bruce Boudreau ever see this and potentially draw inspiration from it.

Stick-tap to reader Kyle Elstun for the clip.

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