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Over four months after the Chicago Blackhawks hoisted the Chalice, it's fairly obvious that their run to the Stanley Cup has produced an unprecedented bounty of fascinatingly quirky hockey stories: From the Chelsea Dagger swing dance to the wedding fight to Burning Man to the ice sculptures to Patrick Kane(notes) in the cherry-picker.

So it should come as no surprise that the Blackhawks have inspired one of the best hockey pumpkins we've seen this season: Pumpkin Keith, based on Chicago defenseman Duncan Keith's(notes) close encounter with a puck that knocked out his chompers. Not sure where this image from parshallnet on Twitter originated, but it's terrific, right down to the seven seeds for each tooth he lost.

Meanwhile, a former Blackhawk is also getting into the Halloween spirit. Here is Brent Sopel(notes) of the Atlanta Thrashers (via Ben Wright), appearing on his wife's Life of a Hockey Widow blog and dressed as a silent guardian, a watchful protector -- a Dark Knight:

OK, a Dark Knight sorta doing a live commercial read for an Audi dealership in a Halloween message, but a Dark Knight nonetheless. Too bad Sopel wasn't in Atlanta last season; Maxim Afinogenov(notes) has been perfecting his Riddler for the majority of his career. (Or was he more like The Puzzler?)

Reminder: We're taking your hockey Halloween costumes, pumpkins and décor photos at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com. As Sopel said: Stay safe this weekend.

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