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When the New York Rangers decided to buy out the last two years of Bobby Holik's $45 million contact, the CBC referred to the free-agent deal as "a symbol of everything that was wrong with the old collective bargaining agreement." The Rangers, in fact, used the new CBA to buy out Holik at two-thirds his existing contract, which the team gave him under the assumption that he'd be a competent offensive player and wouldn't wilt under the New York City spotlight. (Fail, and fail.) Almost three years later, the Rangers find themselves in a familiar position: Paying Holik for not doing anything. TSN reports that an arbitrator has ruled both Holik, soon to be a UFA for the Atlanta Thrashers, and Jed Ortmeyer are owed additional money from New York. In Holik's case, it's $3.5 million -- and only five current Rangers made more than that in the 2007-08 season. Score one for the uni-brow. 

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