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If the Los Angeles Kings had worn the matching beard and crown, these otherwise ghastly third jerseys might have actually worked.

This image was captured by Mayor's Manor at the Kings' home victory against the New Jersey Devils last night; now all we need to the companion image of an Anaheim Ducks fan rocking their awful alt-sweater while dressed like Wild Wing.

This is just one bit of NHL Halloween whimsy on display in this post, from creative pumpkins to outrageous costumes (hint: rhymes with "Schlmarchuk"). Coming up, our hockey Halloween gallery, confirming once and for all that Chicago Blackhawks, San Jose Sharks and Boston Bruins fans are indeed handy with a knife.

And here ... we ... go.

From Ana comes these images from the last two Halloweens: Her son as a Sidney Crosby(notes) hockey card and as the Stanley Cup. From Ana:

I went with him as the Keeper of the cup. Actually had people stop to have their photo taken with the Stanley Cup.

God willing no one tried to drink from it ... 

Bruins pumpkins! Alana Runge with this paint job to celebrate the Spooked ... er, Spoked B.

Stanley Cup of Chowder presented this one, apparently carved in a creepy basement.

Via Anthony A.:

My wife and I have been watching the Bruins for several years now and wanted to show our love for the team (and my wife's fav player Lucic) through our carving.

In Boston, ghosts don't say "boo"; they say LUUUUUUUUUUUU ...

(Ed. Note: As the commenters pointed out, spelling fail on Boston! D'oh!)

Via Greg Feinberg:

It was the best costume there, and I got to get kicked and whacked with objects in the legs all night long.

OK, but who's going five-hole here? Aren't you curious?

Simply awesome San Jose Sharks pumpkin from Jordan Boulger. 

Speaking of which: Outstanding work here from James Thomas, using the Vancouver Canucks alt-logo ...

... and another killer carving, this one by Jay Perry for the Blackhawks.

Kristin Geary's Blackhawks pumpkin actually looks exactly like the branding iron John McDonough keeps in his office.

Simply amazing work by Sarah Q., celebrating the 'Hawks and their Stanley Cup.

And finally ... not for the squeamish:






No, seriously, it's gross.






OK, you've been warned:

Puck Buddy Kevin with a completely tasteless Buffalo Sabres' Clint Malarchuk costume. But isn't that what Halloween's all about?

From Kevin:

Add this to my list of "possibly-offensive-to-certain-parties" hockey creations (Three Tenors and Patrick Kane Taxi being the others). The fact that my dad had a 1970s vintage Buffalo sweater and I had some fake blood, I couldn't resist being Clint Malarchuk (I think a jersey foul should pass if it's for Halloween). Unfortunately my uncle ruined the jersey by borrowing it and playing football, I wouldn't have done this to a perfectly good jersey, especially being a classic.

Wearing a mask inspired by the goalie in "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" to add a little more Halloween flavor, and a printed picture of Clint Malarchuk for those at the party who didn't know who he is.  

And after this, they certainly knew who he was.

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