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The jockeying between the juggernaut NHL 09 from EA Sports and the Wii-tastic NHL 2K9 from 2K Sports continues. EA released its player ratings to much fanfare last week, but without the all-important beauty contest overall ratings. Today, IGN.com published the NHL 2K9 player ratings, complete with the overall numbers. So let's get it out of the way right now: Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins has a 99 overall rating, while Alexander Ovechkin has an overall rating of 97. Commence brutal rhetorical war between Sid and Ovie nations.

Picking the League's best is easy. Determining the worst players in the NHL is, we're sure, a little more difficult. No players received a rating lower than a 60 overall; but according to NHL 2K9, here are the players who received an overall rating of 60 and are, by default, the worst players in the League:

Riley Cote, Philadelphia Flyers: Scoring a 50 in speed and acceleration is no way to go through life, son.

Dany Sabourin, Pittsburgh Penguins: The backup goalie scored a "6" in puck-handling. Marty Brodeur has a 90. There are people who lost both hands in a tragic paper-shredder accident that have better puck-handling ratings than Dany Sabourin.

Michael Leighton, Carolina Hurricanes: And thus begins the praying for continued good health for Cam Ward.

Pekka Rinne, Nashville Predators: Rather poor agility for a goaltender, but fantastic sprinkled over penne with meatballs.

Curtis McElhinney, Calgary Flames: We have to protest this one, because how on Earth do you give a player rating based on five appearances? Did he even use his glove?

Rob Davison, Vancouver Canucks: Score a 197-foot goal, receive a 60 overall rating. Cruel, cruel world, isn't it?

Tobias Stephan, Dallas Stars: Zurich weeps as the Dallas backup goalie earns the six-oh. Speaking of the Stars: Mike Ribeiro has a higher player rating than Mike Modano. If that's not a harbinger of retirement ...

Thanks to Friend of Puck Daddy (FoPD) Bill Barnwell for the heads-up. Check out all the NHL 2K9 player ratings over on IGN, and see if you can figure out how George Parros earned a 63 overall while Jody Shelley (!) got a 65.

Also from EA Sports, via Jean-François Codère from The Journal of Montréal: The game will feature an All Star Team featuring the best players from the Montreal Canadiens franchise over the past 100 years. Coolness. We would totally control Jacques Lemaire and make him goal-hang.

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