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While one Sidney Crosby(notes) fan in attendance at Hockey Place has his attention on Alex Ovechkin(notes), let's place ours on Crosby's line with Jarome Iginla(notes) and Rick Nash(notes): So what's the nickname?

We asked the Twitter followers, and there was virtually no support for the SIN Line (Sidney, Iggy, Nash). There was, however, strong support for something called "Crosby, Thrills and Nash," which is nice and all but makes us sad that Eric Staal(notes) wasn't on the line instead of Iginla for musically perfect nickname.

That trio gets the start; so does Martin Brodeur(notes), making his tournament debut after Roberto Luongo(notes) pitched a shutout in the opener. Keep in mind Brodeur is playing without the shackles of the dreaded NHL trapezoid behind the net; expect him to lead Canada in scoring.

The game begins at 7:30 p.m. EST/4:30 p.m. PST. PLEASE NOTE: The blogs will be housed over at Fourth Place Medal, and you can follow this link right to them or click the banner below. Please join yours truly and the usual gang of knuckleheads from Yahoo! Sports' Puck Daddy hockey blog and Fourth-Place Medal Olympic blog for complete coverage. Tell a friend, and as always, bring the funny.

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