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We're not sure exactly why NHL championship gear continues to leak in the hours and days before a team wins their conference or the Stanley Cup, but we're not complaining.

After the NHL's conference champion merchandise found its way online on the day the Vancouver Canucks became the first team to advance to the 2011 Stanley Cup Final, here's what the Canucks (or the Boston Bruins on Wednesday) will be wearing during the celebration:

First look: Your 2011 NHL Stanley Cup champions gear


At least the Philadelphia Flyers and Chicago Blackhawks gear from last season had some design and creativity to it. These shirts could take a cue from the ones given to this year's conference champions; they had some personality to them.

We also would have loved to have seen a Stanley Cup on the front of the hats as some part of champions logo to dress them up a bit more.

If you're one to open your wallet for more than just championship shirts and hats, here's also mini Stanley Cups, Zambonis, glassware and assorted t-shirt designs to choose from.

Bruins and Canucks fans: What do you think? If your team hoists the Cup this week, are these designs getting you excited to run out and grab some championship swag or no?

This might call for a Puck Daddy Photoshop contest next year ...

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