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As the Boston Bruins hosted the Montreal Canadiens on Thursday night, it became fairly obvious that Habs defenseman P.K. Subban(notes) and Bruins forward Brad Marchand(notes) would eventually exchange formal pleasantries.

At 17:55 of the second period, after both served double-minors (holding, delay of game), they left the penalty box, dropped the gloves and squared off. (Oh, to be a fly on the sin bin wall for that chirping.) Welcome to the Boston marathon, folks:

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Watch the TSN feed here.

That first punch by Subban was, in Boston parlance, wicked awesome. The animated .gifs will total in the thousands by night's end, and that's just from the Leafs fans.

That was only Marchand's second NHL fight, having previously taken on noted heavyweight Andrew Cogliano(notes) (uh…yeah). Subban now has six NHL fights.

That was a great rivalry game tilt. Call it a draw, with Subban having an early advantage and Marchand rallying. Ah, hell: Give the fight to Marchand, for the sheer fact that Subban couldn't land a single bomb directly to that nose.

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