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For hockey fight aficionados, the last two Columbus Blue Jackets exhibition games have been like seeing your favorite garage band play the main stage at Lollapalooza. Jon "Nasty" Mirasty -- a minor league hockey fight-video celebrity who was famously celebrated in a widely read ESPN the Magazine story this year -- made his debut in an NHL uniform in Friday's preseason game against the Nashville Predators:

Nasty didn't pass up the chance to drop the gloves with Josh Gratton:

According to the Puck-rakers blog for the Columbus Dispatch, Mirasty raised hell a second time against the Preds on Saturday night -- even if this may be goodbye:

Jon "Nasty" Mirasty might have played his last pre-season game before heading back to Syracuse. He left an impression. His first-period scrap with Triston Grant was every bit as exciting as his Friday night bout with Josh Gratton. Mirasty wanted a piece of Tootoo - he had to take a number on this night - but Preds' coach Barry Trotz ordered Tootoo to keep the mitts on. "It was a physical game and obviously they've been targeting Jordin the last two nights," Trotz said. "I basically put the no-fighting (restriction) on Jordin. There's no sense fighting some guy that will not be in the league."

Of course Trotz is absolutely correct in his decision to keep Jordin Tootoo from dropping the gloves with Mirasty. Because there's every chance Nasty would have hit him so hard Kellie Pickler would have felt it. And they broke up last year.

Thanks to Puck Daddy readers "Puchare Racing" for the tip.

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