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There's been bad blood between the Columbus Blue Jackets and the St. Louis Blues this season. It started boiling after the Blues scored 1:24 into their game on Monday night in St. Louis, as Chris Stewart(notes) fought Derek Dorsett at 1:43 (and even managed to avoid cataclysmic injury this time!).

Five seconds later, two more accomplished pugilists dropped the gloves: Cam Janssen(notes) of the Blues and Jared Boll(notes) of the Blue Jackets. This nearly 2-minute fight was a exhibition of stamina, balance, strength and, of course, bomb tossing:

Neither player went down, so we'll give the decision to Janssen, who appeared to land more as the fight went on.

According to HockeyFights.com, this was the fourth bout between the two. Janssen dominated an April 2008 tilt; he won again in Jan. 2010, in a closer bout; and their fight back on Dec. 2010 was a furious draw that saw both players get their shots in.

We imagine tonight's bout will be lauded by hockey fight aficionados for its technical proficiency and duration. It's the kind of fight Mike Milbury would have loved ... before his face turn on Hockey Night in Canada, of course.

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