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The legend of John Scott(notes) continues to grow for hockey fight fans ... and now it's written in blood.

The 6-8, 255-pound Chicago Blackhawks man/mountain humbled Edmonton Oilers brawler Zack Stortini(notes) with a TKO earlier this season. Saturday night against the Los Angeles Kings, Scott beat up Kevin Westgarth(notes) of the Los Angeles Kings in a second-period fight that left Westgarth with the crimson mask you see pictured above.

Here's a clip of the carnage; we'll swap it out for a cleaner copy when it becomes available.

The Kings broadcast feed is here. 

Scott threw some absolute bombs in that fight, including one that seemed to bounce Westgarth's head off the glass.

(Ed. Note: Watching it again, the commenters have a point, and Westgarth's hand tap was an 'atta-boy' for Scott rather than a tap-out.)

Give Westgarth credit: He hangs tough in his brawls, as he did on Nov. 22 in a solid bout against Chris Neil(notes) of the Ottawa Senators. But Scott's earned elite status as a hockey fighter in the NHL, from his two big highlights this season to his emphatic defeat of George Parros last season.

John Scott on his fighting style, to reporters after the game: "I got long arms, kind of like monkey-armed baboon swinging away."

You can count on one hand the number of heavyweights you make time to watch brawl in today's NHL; Scott's near the top of that list. Not to raise the bar too high, but there's something Probertian about the way he punches. 

Stick-tap of Andy Gai for the tip. 

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