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When Canada's Green Party sought out Georges Laraque(notes) for help, they weren't in need of bodily protection, much like the former enforcer provided during his 12 seasons in the NHL.

What Green Party leader Elizabeth May believes Laraque can provide is a face to help the party in the next election and make an impact with young voters in Quebec.

Yesterday, May named Laraque as deputy leader of the party with his main duty to promote the connection between fitness and the environment.

Laraque has always been one to give back to the community. Most recently he teamed up with the NHLPA for their "Hockey For Haiti" campaign to help restore the country after an earthquake decimated it in January.

After he voiced a documentary about animal abuse in various industries, Laraque soon became a vegan and opened two restaurants serving foods that were meat and dairy-free.

Bought out by the Montreal Canadiens, Laraque has hockey in his rear-view mirror and has moved on to other challenges. He told the Canadian Press:

"I'm bursting with energy and I love doing a whole lot of things at once," he said. "I get excited joining causes, that's what Iwas born for, to change the world."

We assume that some Octane 7.0 energy drink is helping Laraque burst with that much energy.

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