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"It's not hard to see why Elisha is in big demand. She looked fabulous. Although she battled with her bikini top in the waves not wanting to give anything away."

Thank you, anonymous onlooker at the beach. Gossip Girls details the "romantic Hawaiian holiday" with actress Elisha Cuthbert and "her new boyfriend, Calgary Flames stud Dion Phaneuf" that has produced some lovely images. We're sure the term "stud" was used by GG after careful evaluation of Phaneuf's time on ice, plus/minus rating and hits-per-period ratio. Or, perhaps, because he looks like this.

Hockey's new super-couple (somewhere, Carol Alt quietly weeps) had practically just gone public when those intrusive paparazzi captured them in various states of romantic embrace/giggling on the beach. The Sun newspaper (U.K), which quoted the anonymous source above, also provides video of Cuthbert and Phaneuf playing in the ocean. Elisha does indeed look fetching in her ill-fitting bikini top, which moves more in three minutes than Wayne Primeau moves in most games.

But Dion ... dear, sweet Dion. He appears to be wearing swim trunks from the Ocean Pacific 1987 "Rad" collection, and judging from the video doesn't understand that the paparazzi will capture everything you do. So when you step out the ocean and attempt to drain your ear of water by banging your head like you're in the front row at a thrash metal show, it's not exactly flattering when captured on video.

As Kukla points out, this must be part of the "rest" Phaneuf talked about when turning down Team Canada. Meanwhile, can you photographic vultures please leave poor Elisha Cuthbert alone, especially when she's frolicking with her famous new boyfriend? It's amazing that a B-level actress can't go to the beach without the paparazzi following her around. It's like they know she's going to be there or something ...

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