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Last night's four-overtime Game 6 between the San Jose Sharks and Dallas Stars was the only hardcore postseason marathon we've had this season. But that hasn't stopped ESPN from delving into this apparent affront to fairness and cookie-cutter, whored-out-for-TV sports. Today's SportsNation poll asks several questions about fan attitudes towards Stanley Cup Playoff overtime, including "Is sudden-death overtime fair?" and "Should the NHL consider a rule that would have overtime playoff games decided by shootout?" To Gary Bettman's credit, he's been clear that the asinine bastardization of hockey that would be the postseason shootout isn't going to happen, and that multi-overtime games "are what legends are made of." But it's odd that ESPN doesn't ask the most basic question about potential changes to the postseason overtime format: "Would you accept four-on-four, sudden-death hockey in the Stanley Cup Playoffs if it meant avoiding games that end at 2:30 a.m. on the East Coast?"

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