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ESPN’s Matthew Barnaby arrested for DWI, in SUV with 3 tiresMatthew Barnaby is a former Buffalo Sabres pest and current ESPN analyst. He's not an auto mechanic, or else he'd know the hazards of operating a Porsche Cayenne with only three tires.

He's also not a police officer, or else he'd know how generally suspicious they get when seeing a Porsche Cayenne sparking down the road with only three tires.

Barnaby was arrested early Monday morning on a charge of driving while intoxicated, according to Sabres Edge:

Deputies responded to a 911 call of an SUV driving erratically without a front tire. They discovered a black Porsche Cayenne driving on the rim, causing sparks. The vehicle had significant front end damage and was missing the driver's side front tire.

Deputies said Barnaby, 38, failed multiple field sobriety tests then refused to take a breath test. A refusal results in immediate revocation of a New York State license.

Yikes. Hopefully no one was injured when Barnaby's car took on that damage. Deadspin notes that Barnaby tweeted an image of himself and some friends at a bar watching the NFL on Sunday.

Please recall Barnaby was arrested in May after a domestic dispute with his estranged wife, and was ordered to perform 500 hours of community service plus receive counseling.

No word from ESPN on Barnaby's status. But as Puck Daddy reader Alex notes: "When Gordon Bombay was busted for DWI, he went on to greatness... your move Barnaby."

UPDATE: Word from ESPN - Barnaby's been canned.

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