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Duffrie (a.k.a. New York Islanders center Mike Comrie and girlfriend/singer/actress Hilary Duff) dressed up as "Brangelina" for Halloween, according to ConnieTalk.

Nice job on the makeup for Hilary -- even if we're getting a slight Jennifer Tilly vibe here -- and kudos on both the arm tattoo and what we hope were several baby dolls she carried around all night. Fun fact: Hilary Duff was eight years old when "Hackers" came out. Wrap your brain around that, fellow 31-year-old geezers.

Comrie's "Brad Pitt" appears to consist of a hasty temp dye-job, his prom vest and a dress shirt undone to the second button. If only Brad Pitt had been in some movies that would have lent themselves to a Halloween costume ... besides, you know, "Troy" or "Fight Club" or "True Romance" or "Interview with the Vampire" or "Thelma and Louise."

Hopefully Comrie was carrying around an immediately identifiable prop to help the costume along, like a cardboard cutout of George Clooney or keys to a rebuilt Katrina house or Jennifer Aniston's relevance.

No official word on the costume choices for the NHL's other power couples this Halloween. Although we heard Phuthbert was going out dressed as Kim Bauer from "24" and a $39 million brick ...

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