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Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan(notes) is being called a "game-time decision" for Game 5 against the Detroit Red Wings tonight, in front of a crowd that could have a bit more Red in the Whiteout than in Games 1 and 2.

So, as of this post, it's still undecided if we'll have the potential for further DoanFaces during Coyotes celebrations, in which the beloved Phoenix veteran contorted his mug into a rubbery expression of unbridled joy, sparking the latest round of nonsensical Photoshop creations from Puck Daddy readers.

Gallery One featured an all-time classic with Doan and the Sidney Crosby(notes) Golden Roar joining the Three Tenors.

What diabolical plan has seized the Puck Buddies' crazed imagination?

What, indeed?

Coming up, it's DoanFace Gallery 2. Hide the kids and throw the snakes.

(Homer Doan image by Pantsalot. Check out The Puck'Stache blog for more from him.)

And here ... we  ... go.

Speaking of snakes, Adam S. presents this newsreel footage of Pee-Wee Doan rescuing the animals from a smoldering pet shop. Later made into a film with James Brolin as the main character and Doan as a bellhop.

Speaking of films ...

"Shane Doan, who crawled through a river of [crap] and came out clean on the other side. Shane Doan, headed for the Pacific. Those of us who knew him best talk about him often. I swear, the stuff he pulled... Sometimes it makes me sad, though, Shane being gone. I have to remind myself that some Coyotes aren't meant to be caged ..."

Thanks to Puck Buddy David S.

Again, we love it when memes collide: Here's Shane Doan-as-Mike Commodore(notes) in Phillip Y.'s tribute to NHL revenue sharing. We're not sure if heads twist that far.

Puck Daddy Photoshop veteran Kyle L. either brings a big smile or a huge frown to the faces in Manitoba. Meanwhile ...

... Puck Daddy Photoshop veteran Walter Sobchak is just being mean. Flat out mean, we say.

Taken moments before Shane Doan Hulked up, pointed at Jimmy Howard(notes), landed two punches, nailed him with a boot to the face and then dropped the leg for the three count. Cue "Real American." And, scene.

Thanks to Cale P.

This image was sent to us from the venerable HF Boards, and is from a user named "NWAvs." We're sure this is part of a larger meme. But even if it isn't, we don't care: It's pretty much the most adorably creepy thing since Gage in "Pet Sematary." 

In the last gallery, we also were informed that Olli Jokinen Fight Face was a raging trend on the HF Boards last year, and it makes another appearance in this Kanye inspired comic. Good lord we need a comic on Puck Daddy. Any takers?

Thanks to "shabbs okie" for the art.

As soon as he stepped off the ride, Doan was asked why he doesn't play defense any more and his thoughts on Sidney Crosby. (Thanks to Jonathan D. for this one.)

For some reason, we look at this and wish that Doan was conducting this band in a mistake-riddled cover of "The Humpty Dance." From Puck Buddy Thomas W.

From Tashi D., it's "Sayandoan vs. Anroidhoward." Japantastic!

But, alas, totally outdone by this Mitch C. effort, which really needs to be a T-shirt if the Coyotes make a run. Incredible.

Meanwhile, Emily Hall has created our first (and only) DoanFace video contribution. And it's pretty awesome in that watching-TV-at-2 a.m. kind of way:

Finally, Shane Doan offers exclusive commentary before Game 5, via Richard M.:

One more note: Yesterday's Puck Headlines had a DoanFace image that we didn't credit: It was Photoshop wiz Rob Conklin via Brian C. Great work.

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