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Does this man know the whereabouts of the game-winning puck from the 2010 NHL Stanley Cup Finals?

Steve Miller is an NHL linesman with 47 playoff games to his credit, including Game 6 between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Philadelphia Flyers. He's also the individual Kyle Scott from Crossing Broad, a Flyers blog, believes either possesses or know who may possess the puck that came off of Patrick Kane's(notes) stick and won the Cup in overtime for the Blackhawks -- before disappearing during the postgame celebration.

Partially motivated by accusations that a Flyer (read: Chris Pronger(notes)) somehow pilfered the disc in disgust, Crossing Broad offered this analysis:

The video below shows Miller picking up the puck, then follows him around for a blurry shell game. We pieced together videos from NBC, CBC, and YouTube to follow Miller until the time the officials left the ice.

It's likely Miller held onto to it until the Stanley Cup presentation, when we see him hand something to a man in a suit, who then heads up the Flyers' hallway. 

There is some exchange amongst officials and players prior to that moment (which is shown), but it doesn't appear as though it was ever handed to a player. If it was, someone (Jonathan Toews(notes)) is hiding something, because the Blackhawks are as confused as the rest of us.

Check out the video ... have they cracked the case?

Maybe it's the "Unsolved Mysteries" nostalgist in us -- and really, who hasn't overanalyzed shaky footage of UFOs to find the Truth Out There, right? -- but that video seemed to make some sense. Did Miller have the puck? Who is the man in the suit? Can it still be somewhere in Jonathan Toews' pants?

These are questions that, perhaps, the FBI can answer, seeing as how the Bureau has decided to commit resources to help Grant DePorter, CEO of Harry Caray's, to locate the puck.

Porter's been offering $50,000 for the puck; does Crossing Broad get a finder's fee if this lead pans out?

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