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Preparing for tonight's Pittsburgh Penguins/Detroit Red Wings rematch (don't forget: Live Blog, 7 p.m. EST), Puck Daddy reader Rick Finn sent along this photograph with this message: "I jinxed Sidney Crosby. Note: the Lions shirt. I chanted 'Crosby' when I touched the Cup. The Lions' mojo is too strong for anyone to break."

Color us intrigued. So we asked Rick to elaborate on his devious Detroit Lions voodoo spell with the Chalice.

Why, again, did you decide to chant "Crosby" while touching the Cup?

RF: "I was vacationing in northern Michigan on Labor Day, I was supposed to walk across the Mackinaw Bridge. But I heard the night before that Dallas Drake was hosting the Cup in Traverse City. When it comes to walking seven miles on a 90-degree day and meeting Dallas Drake and seeing the Cup it was no question.

"I didn't pack any Red Wings gear, I just happened to have a Lions shirt in my suitcase because it was clean when I packed. Just before it was our turn with the Cup, I asked Bob Bolt [keeper of the Cup] if it was OK if I touch the Cup with the shirt; I didn't want to pollute it and have him beat my brains out. He said it might be good for the Lions.

"I knew nothing is good for the Lions, they have bad mojo. Then it struck me: Why not use that mojo against the Red Wings' arch rival? So I chanted ‘Crosby' when I touched it. I was angry when I went to finals and had to hear Penguins fans at the Joe -- they were actually loud. So that's my revenge."

Won't the Lions' mojo counteract your Sidney Crosby voodoo?

RF: "I don't get the question. The Lions probably won't win a game this year. I'm hoping that mojo will rub off on Sidney and he will never win a Cup.

"The funniest part of the story is that my five-year-old son wouldn't touch the Cup. He said, 'My body just wouldn't let me.' Could it be fate?"

And there you have it, folks. If the Penguins lose tonight and Crosby goes scoreless ... well, it probably had nothing to do with this. But it is the closest anyone ever associated with the Lions has gotten to a giant silver championship trophy. At least since the merger.

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