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St. Louis Blues forward Dan Hinote got married last weekend to Amy McCarthy who, like her famous sister Jenny McCarthy, is a former Playboy model.

(Along with being the first NHL player to be drafted from West Point and having his name on the Stanley Cup, marrying Playboy eye-candy has to count as some sort of testosterone-soaked hat-trick.)

Ah, but this was no ordinary wedding -- it was a theme wedding, held at the Keystone Ranch in Colorado in front of 400 guests wearing 1950s-era clothing. Yes, attendees were asked to show up in costume. As Penny Parker of the Rocky Mountain News reveals, inviting Jenny McCarthy and her boyfriend Jim Carrey to your theme wedding is a recipe for goofy fun:

[Fidel] Castro, in full military garb and a fake beard, was among the last guests to arrive, which seemed a bit odd because he had a reserved front-row seat on the bride's side. After the nuptials, Mr. On the Town spotted Castro walking arm-in-arm with the bride's sister, actress Jenny McCarthy, out to the parking lot.

Was it? Could it have been? Yup, superstar Jim Carrey, Jenny's beau, slipped in and out of the ceremony almost undetected except when Jenny's 5-year-old son, Evan, started getting spooked by the get-up. "It's me, Jimmy," I was told that Carrey said while pulling down his beard to soothe the troubled young 'un.

If only the weird-o-meter stopped buzzing after the guy who played Andy Kaufman showed up dressed as a Communist dictator. As Hinote pointed out in his groom's speech: "You must be a bunch of screwed up people to dress up like the '50s, right? I have a teammate dressed as a woman."

That teammate would be St. Louis Blues defenseman Jay McKee. Who showed up to the wedding in "a blond wig, 'Seven Year Itch' white dress and heels." As Marilyn Monroe. (And just in case those cell phone cameras weren't confiscated, you can hit us here.)

The wedding also featured guests like Hinote's former Colorado Avalanche teammates John-Michael Liles, Brett McLean, Shjon Podein, Joe Sakic and Peter Forsberg, who no doubt came to the wedding four hours late while deciding whether or not to dance.

H/T to Randball. Oh, and check out this adorable "Newlywed Game"-type battle between Amy McCarthy and Hinote's road roomie Erik Johnson of the St. Louis Blues. Does the girl he's sleeping with know more than the guy he sleeps near?

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