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If there's been a knock on Dallas Stars goalie Kari Lehtonen(notes), who signed a new three-year deal this summer, it's that he hasn't exactly been a model of fortitude. Groin injuries, back injuries, ankle injuries ... he's only appeared in more than 60 games in a season once since being drafted second overall in 2002.

So what better way to capture the spirit of courage, strength and steadfast confidence than by putting Chuck Norris on your new goalie mask?

Walker, Texas Ranger is on the new lid for Lehtonen, Dallas Goalie -- and it's one of the coolest new masks we've glimpsed so far this preseason. Here are a few others via InGoal Magazine, which has a very solid goalie-oriented blog worth checking out:

On the left is Jaroslav Halak's(notes) mask (larger image) with the St. Louis Blues, honoring that franchise's goalies of the past. In the middle is Johan Hedberg(notes), Lehtonen's former backup with the Atlanta Thrashers, and his new mask for the New Jersey Devils (larger image). On the right is the mask for Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury(notes) (larger image). (Ed. Note: Originally had wrong mask for Fleury.)

[Photo flashback: See hockey mask starring Sarah Palin]

What none of them have: Chuck Norris, which makes them inferior to Lehtonen's mask this season. Thing is, it may not even be his best mask, considering these two designs he wore in Atlanta and then upon his trade to Dallas last season:

Which brings us to the inevitable question of who wins in a fight between The Joker (mask here), Clint Eastwood (mask here) and Chuck Norris? The answer, of course, being that the fight is over as soon as Chuck Norris hears there's one about to happen.

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