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This summer, the Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins have been celebrated with a duck-boat parade and $100,000 champagne and captain Zdeno Chara(notes) being knighted in Slovakia. That's all well and good … but how many NHL champions can say they've been immortalized with a 12-acre corn maze:

Corny Tim Thomas tribute? No, it’s actually amazing

This is the 2011 edition of the Corn Maize at Sherman Farm in East Conway, N.H., opening on Sept. 17. That would be Bruins goaltender and playoff MVP Tim Thomas(notes) hoisting the Stanley Cup. Or preparing to hurl it at a competing farm. Timmy's aggressive that way.

"Only a true champion will make it through this year's maize … are you MVP material?" asked the Sherman Farm official Facebook page. Considering the different paths inside the maze go on for several miles, we're going to answer "probably not." Although we would be curious to see how long it would take to complete if you put Brad Marchand(notes) at one end and a loaded cooler at the exit.

Just another example of the Bruins capturing the hearts, minds and ears of New England. There's a kernel of truth to that. What, too corny? C'mon, it's not like we're stalking them ...

s/t Globe Trotting

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