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The video game legend of San Jose Sharks center Jeremy Roenick is mandatory knowledge for any self-respecting puckhead. And not just because Vince Vaughn harnessed Roenick's incredible digital talents to make Gretzky's head bleed. Once more, with feeling: "It's not so much me at it's Roenick. He's that good."

One of the reasons Puck Daddy strongly approves of Jeremy Roenick is his unwavering joy in acknowledging that legend, as he did with NHL.com two years ago:

"College kids come up to me and say that they made it through college simply by playing myself on the video games in their video game bets or their weekly playoff games. They've told me that they won money simply because they were me in their video games because I was a stud."

Friend of Puck Daddy (FoPD) Bill Barnwell unveiled IGN.com's The Top Ten Athletes In Videogame History. At No. 4 on this entertaining countdown, sandwiched between Bill Elliott of "Bill Elliott's NASCAR Challenge" (wait, wasn't this about athletes?) and Michael Vick from "Madden '04" is Roenick from NHLPA 93. Barnwell explains why Roenick is the anti-Shawn Chambers:

Roenick and his ability to make heads bleed was immortalized in Swingers, but he really is the most talented player in any version of EA's classic hockey series because he can do anything. Not only can he knock down anyone with the slightest bit of momentum, but Roenick scores from anywhere inside the zone.

If there is a video game god who gives a damn about hockey cred, the final stage of NHL 09's "Be a Pro" mode will be a one-on-one showdown between your created character and NHLPA 93 Jeremy Roenick as the final boss. If you defeat him, your character receives a text message from Roenick saying that he retires.

This IGN list must be bittersweet for Roenick. Back in Jan. 2007, he was ranked No. 2 overall on Stark Raving Mad's similar list of top video game athletes, which said "Roenick was like Sonny Chiba in 'The Street Fighter' - unstoppable." He lost out to "Tecmo Bowl's" Lawrence Taylor on that list; IGN ranks Mike Tyson from his eponymous "Punch Out" as the best of all-time. Which is, like, a total insult to Dany Sauborin.

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