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Every week we receive images in ye olde Puck Daddy inbox about ESPN cable stations using the wrong logo for a team or misidentifying a player's name in their graphics. The most prominent goof recently has been the accidental recycling of the Atlanta Thrashers logo for the Winnipeg Jets, or having the Thrash appear in the game summary for that channel.

Congrats, St. Louis, on your victory over Hartford … wait, what?

The Thrashers relocated to Winnipeg in 2011, so at least it falls within the grace period. The Hartford Whalers moved to Raleigh 14 years ago. The Carolina Hurricanes have their name on the Stanley Cup. And yet, on Charter Cable and other systems last night, there it was: Hartford at St. Louis (hockey).

From reader Chris Cistaro, who sent this in after the Blues' clutch 3-2 OT win over Carolina:

"Up late tonight and caught the classic 'Sudden Death' on HBO and went to check the NHL network to see Carolina-St Louis replay. The description for the game says otherwise. I guess I'm not the only person wishing for a Whalers comeback."

First off: Round of applause for HBO ad Cinemax keeping "Sudden Death" in heavy rotation as they tear down the Igloo. Here's reader Alden Eavenson with more:

So, as a (former) Thrashers fan, but more importantly a hockey fan, I'm happy to have some Carolina and Nashville games broadcast locally -- despite the blackouts. But, imagine my confusion when I found "NHL Hockey - Hartford at St. Louis" replaying on FSN last night. Did someone at Comcast not get the memo (from 1997!)?  Or maybe this part of an underground movement to move another hockey team out of the south, back up to the much more hockey-appreciative North.  Either way, we're not all hockey stupid down here. And, I'm not still bitter...

All that said ... we must find the disgruntled Hartford Whalers fan in the control room and buy him or her a beer. There's simply no way this isn't a subtle protest; one rogue techie's personal mission to remember the Whale.

It's only fair that this cable system offers a small refund to any fan that tuned in on a lark, hoping to see Andrew Cassels and Zarley Zalapski take on the St. Louis Blues and was bitterly disappointed. They could probably use the money for continued therapy.

UPDATE: From reader Mike Slaggie, another bit of tremendous DVR FAIL.

Congrats, St. Louis, on your victory over Hartford … wait, what?

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