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Yikes! This is like that scene in "Empire" when Luke goes into the cave, slices off Darth Vader's head and discovers (spoiler) his own face inside the mask! You have to unlearn everything you believed to be true, recalibrate your moral compass and witness your whole world turned upside-down and all which-a-way.

Those are also the prevailing emotions when viewing this Flickr gallery of entries into our "Gary Bettman: Portraits in Heroism" art contest. We didn't expect over 230 submissions, and we certainly didn't expect them to be this mind-blowingly awesome. Seriously, it's been a gas; thanks to everyone who made it that way.

Myself, Leahy and Smithwick's are already knee-deep in the judging process. Expect a batch of non-winnin'-stuff individual awards on Wednesday morning, and then the announcement of our three place finishers on Wednesday afternoon. We're still open to campaigns rallying support for one piece or another. (And although Leahy is rather unimpeachable, I'll take a bribe faster than a state senator with a hooker problem.)

Take a look at the gallery, let your voice be heard in the comments on this post in regards to winners (and losers), and please suggest any award categories for the contest. Like, for example, the fact that Tim Stabnick already has Most Frightening Use of the Village People locked up. Big time.

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