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After the Anaheim Ducks' third jersey leaked last month, the last great mystery of this season's third jersey crop is the Columbus Blue Jackets. There's been a new round of speculation about the alt-sweater since this ad appeared on the Blue Jackets' website:

The tagline reinforces what was reported back in March about the design, which is that the Jackets' iconic cannon (which earned them best goal celebration in the Western Conference from this very blog) will be the centerpiece of the new logo. Which is awesome.

Dark Blue Jacket is wondering if the banner also provides a hint about a Civil War-influenced color scheme and the presence of stars on the jersey. Or, perhaps, something that looks like a Lexus ...

The Lexus logo is there because the luxury car company is sponsoring what has to be the boldest third jersey unveiling we've yet to see. The Jackets are inviting fans to the Mall at Tuttle Crossing in Columbus on Wed., Nov. 24 to witness the new jersey's debut ... as the Blue Jackets are playing the New York Islanders on Nassau Coliseum ice that night. The third jersey reveal will be shown live on FOX Sports Ohio during the first intermission, and will be available for purchase on site in the mall.

Chris from Icethetics offered a cynical evaluation of the stunt:

It is odd, yes, until you realize the event is sponsored by Lexus. With money changing hands, no spectacle is too contrived or outlandish.

For those of you in Columbus, the jerseys go on sale the same night at FOX Sports Ohio Blue Line at the mall. And you won't be able to buy one anywhere else from then on until after Cyber Monday. Do these guys have a marketing plan or what? Best way to create demand? Strangle supply.

That said: a third jersey unveiling for a team that won't even be in town at the time of the unveiling? Innovative or nutty?

Bottom line: The military motif is going to kick the stuffing out of the fake bug for best Jackets' alt-logo. (Though there are times we miss the little guy.)

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